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The popularity of marijuana has created a lot of curiosity when it comes to various strains and flavors. Many people have dedicated most of their lives to research to seek the best strains and cannabis varieties. In of the best strains in the US is the ATF weed strain. ATF strain has been praised for numerous reasons, as we will explore. It builds upon some of the shortcomings of other strains and has become a darling among most of its users.


ATF, referred to as the Alaskan Thunder fuck in full, is a Sativa strain that has arguably created a name for itself over time. The strain originates from the Matanuska Valley area in the great lands of Alaska, hence its name. It is believed that the strain originated from Northern California. The strain was crossed with the Russian ruderalis. The ruderalis is native to Asia capable of surviving in harsh and inhabited areas. Apart from surviving in harsh conditions, the ruderalis has a short flowering period, often 21 to 30 days after planting. ATF strain flowering time can, therefore, be estimated to be around the same period. As the ’70s were coming to an end, the North California Sativa was crossed with some bit of Afghani genetics. This supercharged the strain, having gained the great features of the two other strains.

ATF strain review

ATF appears as buds that many describe as large and well frosted. The buds are nice and dense with a special gooey feel when broken apart. It is famed for having a relaxing effect in addition to giving a euphoric high. Here are a few other effects of ATF, both good and bad.

Happy Feeling

Now there are numerous strains out there that do promise to give that happy feeling, but none does it as well as the Alaskan thunder fuck. ATF delivers a comfortable, giggly feeling that is hard to miss.


ATF can come in a variety of great flavors that range from fruity to earthy. You really get to feel the flavor and smell as you blow it out. You will definitely stand out from the rest of you have an awesome fruity flavored ATF strain among your fellow mates. However, the most popular brands are pine, wood, and earthy, which sort of cement it to its roots.

Euphoric and Energetic feel

Within a few minutes of taking the strain, the effect kicks in, giving you and nice energy boost complemented with the giggly feeling. These are great for conversations and basically having fun with friends. With a few buds of ATF marijuana, a hangout with friends can become an awesome experience.

Here are a few known effects of the ATF strain;

Dealing With Stress

We have known that marijuana can help out with stress, but none does it better than ATF weed. Since the strain contains 100 percent Sativa, it can provide a shot of relief, enabling you to handle stressful situations better by calming your mind.

ATF weed strain


Pain Relief

For centuries, weed has been used for pain relief. Our ancestors used it to relieve toothaches, while medicine men used it as an anesthetic during minor surgeries. In the current era, extracts of the herb are used by patients suffering from chronic pains through ailments such as arthritis. Medically accepted weed strain is available for purchase in areas where it has been legalized. When it comes to ATF weed strain, the case is not different. In areas where there are no legal concerns, the strain can be used for pain relief. However, it is imperative that if the pain is chronic, the advice of a medical practitioner be taken.

Fatigue and appetite loss

ATF weed strain

The feeling of relaxation and euphoria after taking marijuana is a great way to relax after a long tiring day. If you would like to take a nap after a tiring day, the sleepiness that comes after a good session will definitely do the trick. All these thanks to a few compounds found in the herb. They include Terpenes, THC, and CBN.

Now that we have seen some of the negative effects of ATF marijuana let us look at the negative effects.

Dry Mouth

Getting a dry mouth or what is commonly referred to as cottonmouth is no surprise when it comes to ATF weed strain. It is, to some extent, the same as most other weed strain out there. What brings about cottonmouth is the interaction of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system in the body. During normal body functioning, the brain continuously sends signals to the salivary glands to produce and excrete saliva. Once you take in cannabis, however, this system is interrupted. Cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds from cannabis, have been found in salivary glands. These, among other chemicals, limit the ability of the gland to produce saliva. A few recommended methods to help relieve cottonmouth include chewing, sucking on sweets, taking cough medicine, or a nice cup of herbal tea.

ATF Weed Strain And Dry Eyes

Although not as bad and common as cottonmouth, dry eyes are a major side effect of smoking ATF weed strain. Some suggestions on why this happens have been put out there. There are arguments that the smoke from the burning flower irritates the eyes and causes dryness. Other reasons are the reaction of the body to the new chemicals being introduced.

As was the case of saliva production and dry mouth, the introduction of the compounds of cannabis into the body affects some basic functions. The eyes also have glands that ensure constant wetting of the eyes. If the system is interrupted, the eye may tend to get dry. It is, however, easy to deal with dry eyes. You only need to make sure you are well hydrated, avoid excessive e screen time, especially if you will be smoking later in the day, and finally, use home remedies such as cold cucumbers.

Feeling anxious

There is a large number of users who end up feeling anxious after getting high on weed. The occurrence is not new but is a concern for several people. The main reason for feeling anxious lies in the brain. A compound, THC, from cannabis binds itself to brain receptors responsible for detecting cannabinoids and altering the release of several chemicals in the brain responsible for alertness and heart rate. The sympathetic system in the body might get an override, causing an increase in the heart rate and releasing a chemical called cortisol. The culmination of these effects is observed as anxiety.

A headache

This is a minor effect that does not often come along, mostly because weed helps with pain relief. It would, therefore, be ironic that it would cause headaches.  The headaches usually come about when one takes too much weed and is later hit by what many like to call the weed hangover. Besides, the conditions under which you take weed are significant. Dehydration is a major cause of headaches for many ATF weed strain users. Although weed does not cause dehydration, most people often forget to hydrate before or after taking weed, leading to dehydration. Finally, it may be a good idea to try out a different weed strain, in the event that you get regular headaches after taking a particular strain. Your body may just not be up to it and decide to react by giving you a headache.

To Conclude

ATF weed strain may be one among dozens of strains but is definitely one that weed users can easily fall in love with. The strain has a sweet flavor and, depending on the producer, can come in a variety of great flavors. The strain may take a while to kick into the system, but it does not disappoint once it does. If you would like to try some out for yourself, hook up with the best seller in your locality and give it a go.

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