Alaskan ThunderFuck (ATF)

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Alaskan ThunderFuck (ATF)

Alaskan Thunderfuck – rejuvenation and mind clarity

Are you a Marijuana enthusiast looking to discover how to grow and enjoy the benefits of the pure healthy Alaskan ThunderFuck (ATF)? Here is the robust ATF strain review for you on how to grow and use the weed and its medical benefits and effects. They call it by many names including but not limited to, Matanuska Tundra Thunder and Matanuska Thunder Fuck or simply ATF. Whatever you want to call it, it is one of the most popular Alaskan intricate breeds of the sativa plant with an amazing high owing to its sativa dominance.

Background on the ATF strain

Matanuska valley Alaska that is where the story of the beginning of ATF is set. Historians will place the time at around the 1970s. Enthusiastic growers first crossed a rare Russian breed “Rudelalis” with an unknown North California strain. The product of these two amazing plants was then coupled with the famous Afghani Landrace strain to produce the exotic ATF strain as we know it. Since its entry into the cannabis scene, it has made name for itself and is today one of the most wanted strains that is also relatively easy to grow.

If you are looking for a high THC level, ATF will be a good choice of crop for a bumper harvest. Ease of cultivation plus the numerous strain advantages such as cognitive boost, enhanced creativity, sharper focus and uplifting moods. The ATF strain is a good choice for hobbyists and commercial growers and is ideally enjoyed during the day for a better productive day if you are thinking about how to use it.

The plant exhibits extraordinarily high levels of THC and is well known to creep on a person slowly. A rather suggestive name insinuating what the plant could do. It’s certainly a powerful variety packed with the full marijuana package of goodness, rich taste, aroma and extra health benefits.

Uses of the ATF strain

The strain is a high THC content one as earlier mentioned which makes its way slowly into the system. This makes it an ideal choice for lasting benefits throughout the day. It is higher on the brain than most other strains you might have encountered already as it comprises high potency THC. The ATF provides better moods but also a distinct subtle physical relaxation.

 ATF growing technique

The ATF strain is a cold weather strain suitable for growing outside in your garden due to its disease resistance and low temperature tolerance. You can achieve luxuriant growth at about 60 degree Fahrenheit and 80 degree Fahrenheit.  It is ideally grown outside for maximum sunlight exposure even with cold outside temperatures.

How do you effectively grow it?

To effectively grow the ATF you will obviously need a fertile soil material laden with nutrients for your crop during the early stages.  Soil is better than hydroponics since it will hold much higher percentages of nitrogen and, micro-organisms. The plant takes about 8 to 9 weeks to get to fully maturity with the lion share of the buds having reached their full potential.

You might want to grow your outdoor weed in trenches rather than pots to keep the roots warmer for healthy plants. Pots can get extremely cold during chill nights and days

Smoking and other usage of Alaskan Thunderfuck

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Among the most notable qualities that make the ATF such a wonder herb is the chunky medium to large buds with a unique beauty and appearance. Just holding the produce for the first time you will be able to tell that you are about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure. The tapering spade like appearance is an amazing sight to behold for those who know their marijuana well.

Harvest comes with the need for several pairs of scissors owing to the thick sticky texture. Just the same, it will prove worth every pain just looking at all the juicy buds your get to harvest from each and every plant.

The Aroma

The ATF features a raw woody rich aroma alluding to pine and cedar’s natural goodness. It has tens of strong notes that excites your senses with many other fragrances such as the lemon and nutty flavor with chocolaty hints all mixed together harmoniously.

Baking ATF

On combustion the monster packed in ATF is unleashed and it can be intolerable for those standing by. The funky unpleasant smell is sometimes too much for people who have little experience with smoking marijuana. If you are a die-hard cloud enthusiast, these are the herbs you should be baking.

The exhale comes with a unique lemon tang on your tongue with an ammonia pungent lingering smell.  You should be ready for the cloud that sticks around for a while.

 ATF Effects

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We already mentioned that the Alaskan thunderfuck comes slow but goes higher than anything else you can get on the market. Don’t get it mixed up, the effect starts as soon as you exhale the second or maybe third puff and finish wiping your tears.

The main effect of the strain is to induce deep thinking and enhace cognitive focus so that the user is able to complete tasks with more efficiency. So if you are an experienced user wondering whether to use this strain ahead of your big game day then you can’t take our word for it. Whether you want to resolve a major snag in your work or finally complete one of those creativity projects you never seem to finish, this is a good joint to light up your idea’s bulb.

For the best experience, don’t enjoy this product alone but with friends and good music because  it doesn’t have many of those couch lock moments. It is the strain that might be uniquely blend for bringing out your best side when you are with your friends and coworkers. Mad giggles and sudden outbursts typical of THC use are not entirely out of the picture but that usually opens the door to a creative funny story.

Medicinal value of ATF

When it comes to controlling chronic pain conditions it’s a whole new interest from leisure use but the same powerful herb. The ATF is much like all the other strains of the plant with a myriad of health benefits for who seek the holy herb’s healing properties.

This herb is good alternative medicine for chronic body pain including muscle spasms. A joint or vaping session when you wake to bake will help you get through the day minus back pain and pretty much any other form of pain you might be dealing with.

Due to its relaxing effects, without any depressing effects, it can be a suitable remedy for anxiety issues. Further, if you know someone suffering from attention deficit disorder, this will help them focus on the task at hand and cover more ground on a project.

 You can treat Light headaches and general body discomfort which can be soothed by ATF’s anti-inflammatory effects. We would go on and on about the many scientifically proven benefits of marijuana use but we want to major on the desirable effects of the specific benefits of the ATF weed plant.

Where to get ATF seeds online

Obviously if you know a certified marijuana seeds producer you can trust to supply the correct bag of seeds for a sweet harvest 8 weeks from now, you don’t need to read this section.

Also, if you just want to try the product then you might consider growing if you have time and space to do it. Be aware of all the funny looking websites with fake imitation of famous seed providers. If you stick to our recommended supplier’s, then you are guaranteed of getting the correct premium seeds every time for a healthy crop.

All your greenhouse or garden preparation are vanity if you get the seeds wrong. Also, you should be prepared for the strong odor that comes with the growing of these weed plants. Even a small weed farm could alert the neighbors and cause odor problems and potential run in with the law.

Final thoughts on growing the ATF strain

Yes, it’s not easy to grow marijuana plants correctly with high grade buds harvest. But who says you have to be perfect, even the most experience cross breeders of all time had to have started somewhere. You can rely on our massive and growing series of guides to equip you with all the knowledge you need and the tricks as well as links to useful resources when you want to do well as a ganja farmer.

 As far as selecting crops go, the ATF plant is a good project for both beginners and experts alike being relatively easier to grow outdoors and more resistant to climatic and disease problems.  It will do well in cooler climates and that is a good thing for those who find themselves far north and cannot easily grow the other varieties outdoors. Maturing in just 8 weeks, is kind of fast consider the gigantic buds and mostly healthy plants with only a few hours of care.


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