Banana Kush

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is a breed produced from blending banana and the Kush strain. The Kush is obtained from the great Hindu Kush Mountains. We can say that the banana kush strain has the Kush herb as its mother and the banana plant is its father. The banana kush plant is natively grown in the mountains and is famous for some great features; these include a pleasant scent, looks, and flavor. The mix between the two produces a strain that is 60% indica.

Our banana kush review will include some excellent banana kush info on how it is grown, its effects and uses.

Growing Banana Kush Strain.

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The cultivation of banana kush can be argued to be a preserve of a professional. The herb demands a significant degree of care and attention for optimal production and health. The plant can be cultivated in a confined space such as a specially made greenhouse or within someone’s house. If you think you have expert farming skills, you can have your banana kush farm thriving in your guest room.

Growing banana kush indoors however requires a unique setup, such as the hydroponic system. A hydroponic system is a farming technique that mimics the natural farm environment. This is achieved by providing all the conditions necessary for growth; water and some artificial media to act as soil. The system ensures that there is sufficient supply of water, nutrients, and proper drainage. The growth of banana kush indoors also requires adequate control of temperatures. Ideally, they should be kept between 68 and 80 degrees.

How should I care about banana kush?

The banana kush should be protected from some imminent threats, that include powdery mildew and mold. These dangers can easily be controlled by observing a high degree of hygiene and using appropriate chemicals. The herb demands proper air flow. It is, therefore, a good idea to grow it in a room that has adequate ventilation.

Cultivating the crop indoors affects how high it grows. When grown outside, the plant can grow up to 15 feet. How tall the plant grows does not matter, however, since it can mature faster in a controlled environment as compared to when it grows outside. Compared to most other cannabis strains, banana Kush has less yield. Typically, it will start flowering after nine weeks.

Banana Kush requires a lot of feed. You may, therefore, need to stock up on sources of micronutrients for the herb. The nutrients help the herb remain strong and easily fight away powdery mildew.

A final point to note is that banana kush will require constant pruning to get rid of old or unhealthy parts.

Banana kush yields approximately 400 grams for each square meter.


Like most other cannabis stains, banana Kush provides a powerful high that is preceded by feeling lazy. The effect is then followed by complete tranquillity. With these effects, it is best to use banana Kush during the night when you do not have any tasking responsibilities at hand. Your day could easily go south if you did a session on banana kush in the morning. For most people, three hits are enough to sedate them into inevitable sleep completely.  Just like Sativa, banana kush has serious effects on the cerebral system, the strain provides a powerful mood boost and also brings about great euphoria.

Side effects

In spite of all the great things banana kush has to offer, it also has a few drawbacks. They include:

Dry mouth.

Getting a dry mouth after two or three hits of cannabis is a common occurrence among many users. In most cases, it is unavoidable, irrespective of the strain you are using and getting a dry mouth or what is commonly referred to as cotton mouth is no surprise when it comes to marijuana. It is to some extent, the same as most other weed strain out there. What brings about cottonmouth is the interaction of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system in the body. During normal body functioning, the brain continuously sends signals to the salivary glands to produce and excrete saliva. Once you take in cannabis, this system is interrupted. Cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds from marijuana, have been found in salivary glands. These among other chemicals, limit the ability of the gland to produce saliva. A few recommended methods to help relieve cotton mouth include chewing, sucking on sweets, taking cough medicine or a cup of herbal tea.

Slight eye dryness

Eye dryness is a minor but common effect that comes with smoking cannabis. The dehydration may Flavor by the effect of cannabis on the glands responsible for producing tears in addition to eye irritation by the smoke.

A few users have also reported cases of paranoia and headaches.


Banana Kush is famous for its excellent banana flavor. Often, you will get to feel it when you blow out the smoke. You will stand out from the rest of you have banana weed puffing all over the place, among your friends.

Euphoric and Energetic feel

A group of men exerting their energy into running track.

Within a few minutes of taking the strain the effect kicks in, giving you and nice energy boost complemented with the happy feeling. These are great for conversations and having fun with friends. With a few buds of banana, a hangout with friends can become an excellent experience.

Medical benefits of Banana Kush;


It has been known for a while that marijuana can help out with stress. This is also the case for banana kush. The strain contains 78 percent Sativa, and it can provide a shot of relief. This enables you to handle stressful situations better by calming the mind. It is important to note, however, that the right amount should be taken if your primary goal is to relieve stress.


Scientists have for long pondered over how cannabis can aid with various mental issues such as stress and depression. The interest in using cannabis to help with depression has come from the discovery that marijuana contains certain chemicals called endocannabinoids. These are chemicals naturally produced by the body and play an essential role in controlling emotions and behavior. Stress and other mentally straining conditions limit the brain’s ability to produce endocannabinoids. Since cannabis produces these chemicals, it makes perfect sense to do more research on it. If this excites you, you should ensure you do understand the recommended dosages and mode of consumption before applying it for this use.

Pain Relief

For centuries, weed has been used for pain relief. Our ancestors used it to relieve toothaches while medicine men used it as an anesthetic during minor surgeries. In the current era, extracts of the herb are used by patients suffering from chronic pains through ailments such as arthritis. Medically accepted weed strain is available for purchase in areas where it has been legalized. When it comes to banana kush, the case is not different. In areas where there are no legal concerns, the strain can be used for pain relief. It is imperative however that if the pain is chronic, the advice of a medical practitioner be taken.

Fatigue and appetite

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Weed has gained popularity for not only recreational use but also the help with different physiological concerns. These may include fatigue and lack of appetite. There are areas where patients with AIDS have been advised to use medical marijuana to aid in their appetite. The feeling of relaxation and euphoria brought about after taking marijuana is a great way to relax after a long tiring day. Percent after a tiring day, the sleepiness that comes after a good session will do the trick. All these thanks to a few compounds found in the herb. They include Terpenes, THC and CBD.

Banana Kush Oil

Most cannabis strains contain oils such as cannabidiol, which can easily be extracted for medicinal purposes. Banana kush oil is among the most sought after cannabidiol. The oil brings with it a wide array of minor cannabidiols and fatty acids. The oil extracted is often free of the undesired chemical compounds in cannabis. The main extraction method for Banana kush oil is by the use of CO2. The extract from banana kush is 73 percent THC and lacks several unwanted compounds found in other concentrates. 

The great feature of banana kush oil is the sweet aroma that makes it feel like a vaporized banana.

Banana Kush strain is one among the most common and most sought after cannabis strains. The strain has the extra advantage of great scent and flavor. The cultivation of banana kush strain is also in one’s home. With the right hydroponic system and appropriate skill, it is possible to create a successful banana kush farm. The farm could be for personal production or commercial purposes. The use and sale of the strain are however regulated by the authority of the country or state you live in. It would, therefore, be advisable to always check on legislation regarding the cannabis strain before production, sale or consumption.


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