Best Temperature for Vaping

 Best Temperature For Vaping

 Best Temperature For Vaping

There are a plethora of ways to get stoned. One fun and clean method to get high on weed are to vaporize your stuff, so you inhale its fully potent and bioavailable vapor concentrate. Vaping makes absorption into the bloodstream much more efficient. Smoke is not welcome in the human body plus. It’s responsible for much of the distasteful smell of weed. Read on to learn excellent ways to burn your weed with precision temperature regulation to not roasting your weed when you should be baking it.

Why is vaping so popular? 

A few years ago, vaping was not known to more than a handful of people. It is surprising how far vaping has grown, and this owes greatly to the new health aware generation of users. Countless individuals have been able to quit smoking completely, which was unheard of in the past, thanks to vape pens and e-cigs.

Vaping is not only a fun way to enjoy weed and other herbs but also an exceedingly good way to avoid cigarette smoke. A big plus to vaping is the insane clouds that add to the fun without causing you to choke. If you choose to do it in a car or someplace else enclosed, you can fill the room with a giant cloud without actually suffocating yourself. Vapor is just so much more pleasant than smoke. It’s is lighter than air and disperses quickly when a window is opened. 

Don’t you hate the smoke?

Another reason for vaping is to avoid the strong smell of burning marijuana. Smoke is more pungent than vape, which carries a fruit scent that does not linger as long. While burning a single joint, your room could be noticed up to three hours later. Vaping the same amount of weed at the right temperature only remains noticeable for up to ten minutes. The reason is simple; smoke adheres to upholstery, clothes, and walls more than steam and weed vape. Being less dense than air, vape clouds disperse as soon as the window or door is opened.

Perhaps the real reason you should start vaping today- we saved best for last- is that smoking actually wastes up to 90% of your weed. A smoldering and water, the useful components of weed are destroyed, leaving behind a cloud of harmful gases. In contrast, vaping clouds contain up to 95% good weed cannabinoids. This means a little weed goes a long way, and you get to unlock its full potential for your high.

How vaporization works

Cannabis usage has been on the rise following pressure from the medical, scientific community on governments to lift burn on the holy herb. Further research on the herb continues to rediscover its numerous healing properties that have been known to humanity for thousands of years. The use of the herb for medical and recreational purposes dates back centuries. The only apparent shortcoming of weeding is the smoking bit, which has been a pain behind modern-day –health-conscious users. 

Fundamentally, vaporizers consist of a heating element and a power source such as a battery or AC wall adapter. The weed or other material to be vaped is placed in a special compartment heated to just the right temperature for vaping. At this temperature, most of the cannabinoids literary boil off the plant even though the plant does not reach ignition temperatures to burn or even get charred.

How is the vapor delivered?

The vapor or weed vape generated by the vaporizer is then delivered to the user’s mouth or storage, such as a balloon by some tubular channel. Users take puff by drawing the vape and inhaling it just like sucking on a cigarette. 

 The best vaporizers in the market offer additional temperature control options and a power button for turning on the heating mechanism.  Pens with custom features are much more expensive. Unfortunately, most concealable options are also too small for the circuitry needed for temperature control to be fitted.

How to select the perfect temperature for weed

The absolute best way to know what temperature to bake your weed at is getting to know the boiling points of the individual cannabinoids for your desired high. The correctness of your experiment depends on the precision of your vape pen temperature controls. Here we have to conclude that whatever gets you high gets you high. Trial and error is your best friend. You might get so high that your recording of the temperatures could be next to impossible. Vaping at random temperatures until you strike the sweet pot Anyhow, you can still go for the scientific approach if you would like to put your chemistry skills to good use. 

With experimentation, repeating more times is best for getting closer to the ideal vape temp’s true value. To make it easier for you, we have taken the time to experiment. And, we found that the best temperature to vape weed is about 185 oC. For the avoidance of argument, 185 on our scale might be 190 on yours. This is because often, there is a discrepancy between the actual temperature in the heating element and the temperature indicated by your device.

Our recommendation

Regardless of your device model, you will find that you make the most of your weed at about 180oC to 210 oC.  Notably, temperatures below 190 are best if you are looking for deep meditation with a cerebral high. Above 190, you are likely to experience more of a bodily high.

Normally, vaporizers will run as high as 230 degrees Celcius on the scale, but such high temperatures will not be explored without running the risk of combustion. As a matter of fact, anything above 210 is risky and should be avoided. At about 200 degrees Celcius, you already begin to get that burnt taste.

Cannabis Toxins due to wrong vape pen temperature

The consequences of burning your weed are serious. Not only will you put your good weed to waste, but you also inhale potentially harmful substances. Like with any other herbs, complete and incomplete combustion of weed causes the evolution of several toxins. Some of these include tar and carbon monoxide.

The whole point of vaping is to avoid such toxins altogether. This does not imply that vapor does not contain even a trace of these harmful substances. But the word is ‘traces,’ burn a joint, and you get over a hundred different PAHs, all of which are harmful. Together these harmful gases give the phrase entourage effect a whole new meaning. Also, they are far much more destructive than the single PAH found in vape.

Additional toxins could come from pesticides that are used in growing commercial weed. Choosing organic ganja is the best move if you are looking to dodge these.

Below we have listed some of the potentially harmful components of smoke and their effects. 


This is the element of weed that causes nausea, sleepiness, and loss of appetite in smokers. Because of its shallow boiling point of 110 oC, we can’t avoid it without fractional distillation. Until they invent a vape pen that can do that, we are still stuck with toluene.


Another byproduct of burning weed is benzene. It has a boiling point of 200 and so can be avoided easily without losing the high. Benzene has carcinogenic properties and can cause respiratory problems.


Another carcinogen, naphthalene, is a byproduct of burning weed at about 218 oC. Symptoms of naphthalene inhalation are similar to those of toluene but also include lightheadedness and pale skin.

How humidity affects the optimal vaping temperature for weed.

The temperature at which vaping produces an ideal cocktail of cannabinoids is very much dependent on the humidity in the weed. Dry weed will also vaporize at the right temperature. Hopefully not too high or you risk burning it to destroy the flavor.

With bongs, smoking dry marijuana causes problems because it burns too fast without much of the desired joy. As with all other herbs for vaping, the temperature for bone dry weed depends on the strain. Drier weed requires lower temperatures to avoid ignition.

A final thought on the good vape temps for weed

Obviously, 180oC is just a rough estimate. There several other factors to consider, and the ideal temperature will vary depending on your particular stash. Ultimately, mastering the art of vaping with a particular pen takes practice. Eventually, you should be able to predict the time between puffs and refills correctly. But at least if you are looking for the ideal temperature for vaporizing your weed, now you understand its significance and where to start your search.

It takes time to master the art and part science of vaping. The secret is investing in one long-lasting vape pen and sticking to it.

Once you can time the puffs precisely and regulate the correct vaping temperature for weed, there will be no stopping you from lift-off! Happy vaping!

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