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Blue Cheese Strain

Today we get to take the excellent sweet blue cheese strain for a quick spin. From the origins, genetics to the particular aroma and exhilarating taste that will burst your taste buds, pay attention to the following to understand more information on the blue cheese weed whether you want to get high on it or grow this stuff for money. Find out why the famous strain has an exotic flavor and aroma that will make it your new favorite herb to vape and get downright hammered.

We also explore some effects of the blue cheese strain and, as usual, a little heads-up notification for some of the potentially harmful effects of using the strain. Some are circumstantial, while others are just the usual stuff with all other weed products, pretty dull if you ask a pro but still worth mentioning. Alright, so without much further ado and with that lengthy disclaimer out of the way, we plunge right into the blue cheese weed garden and explore! First, did it come from the heavens or what? Find out more blue cheese strain info below.

Origin, species, and a brief history

Meet the sweet popular blue cheese marijuana with an exhilarating taste and aroma as well as a worthwhile high. Well befitting an English bred marijuana obtained by crossing, get this, a blueberry father and Cheese weed mother from the UK! The result, simply amazing. A strain of weed that is naturally packed with a flavor of blueberry with about 80% Indica dominance and striking the perfect balance between body and psychoactive. It’s your perfect blend of the pot to use whether you are just chilling out or you want to finish a creative or active mission.

Appearance, Taste, and aroma

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The most striking thing about a garden thriving with lush greens, blue cheese weed is the magnificence of the plant itself, with lush green leaves intertwined with purple shaded ones and a mixture of pure white and orange hairs. The plant’s lay at or near maturity is such that it grows out wide to grab some air and sun, but you can always tuck it neatly into a screen if you are growing in a confined space. The flowers are psychedelic and stunningly appealing, especially for growing enthusiasts and those looking to grow for the show.

The blue cheese gets its name from the incredibly fruity taste with hints of blueberry. The taste varies slightly depending on the growing conditions and also the particular seeds you might use. Regardless, if it is grown right, a single bud is more than a bowlful, and certainly, the scent tells you that you want this from the moment you open that jar.

Growing the blue cheese weed

blue cheese weed growing

Blue cheese weed is an easy to grow weed strain that will give you more pleasure for less pain. Not only is it a breathtaking sight to fill your garden with the herb, but also an awesome activity to grow without straining too much. The herb is self-healing and naturally repellent of most common pests and diseases, meaning you can enjoy a bountiful harvest with minimal care hours.

There are several choices for growing your blue cheese. You can do so with real soil or hydroponics, and that is certainly going to change something about your buds. The ease of growing and the rewarding bountiful harvests of the blue cheese makes the strain one of the most sought after by hobbyist growers everywhere. It does well indoor and equally on the outside.

If you grow it right, the blue cheese weed could yield up to 18 0z per square meter of the indoor garden and a staggering 190z per plant outdoors. The blue cheese strain has a high leaf to bud ratio, and therefore for all purposes of growing indoors and outdoors, you need to regularly remove top leaves to allow light to seep in and revitalize the entire plant.


The flowering is auto and takes place about the eighth week or so. The amount of purple on the plant leaves on the climatic conditions more being for cooler climates. The green technique screen will help make your indoor space more conducive for growth with your lamplight or solar insolation falling on more leaves per unit area. Additionally, you can adapt well researched growing techniques, including low-stress training like shaping the branches like an L will boost growth factors and enable you to come away with a bountiful harvest.

If you are also familiar with the Fudge I Missed growing, you will get more from blue cheese weed. This trick is a bit more sophisticated than your average growing practice, but it is well worthwhile. Under this system, you create a four-way branch system by systematically removing the tops. Once you master the art, it becomes handy for all your growing purposes.

Effects of the blue cheese weed strain

The blue cheese is indica dominant, which means that it follows the balanced high curve of the Indicas but. Along with its extraordinary taste, it offers an awesome high that creeps up on you slowly and keeps you thrilled without putting you to sleep or getting you overly excited. It means you can accomplish your planned tasks to completion without any hindrances. However, we advise caution as always, especially for beginners, as you don’t want to try out a new strain and find out it doesn’t work for you in the worst way possible.

The beauty of blue cheese that makes it so attractive to its users is the ability to deliver rapid but well balanced potent effects for the body and mind.  Whether you are unwinding after a long work week or you are on the verge of completing a must-do project that requires laser focus and staying on schedule, blue cheese got your back always.

Get Ready to Have Fun

The mood uplifting effects of the blue cheese weed strain make it awesome when you have friends over or when you have a social gathering to attend. It is doubtful to be polarizing, with the only notable downside being one of its strongest points, the rich aroma that can’t fly under the radar. The dense clouds that result linger for way longer than with most other strains, whether you are smoking or vaping the stuff.

The blue cheese indica is a strain of weed like no other. It will deliver a memorable taste that might as well be your next favorite thing. It has average THC percentages and achieves a genuine high within a short time without way too many setbacks. There are rumors that the breeder big Buddha is behind perfecting the strain with ancestry whose reputation precedes it.

Apart from its berry and pungent weed aroma, it has a tangy hint of cheese, which is why they call it by that name. You can achieve incredible clouds that will fill your lungs. Even the pro will find it inevitable to cough after a deep puff. Tears are also just around the corner the whole time. For you could chasers out there, the flowers will give you a nuclear winter.

blue strain, eye and fire


And Relax

The effects of such dense clouds are certain palate tickling, eye-watering yet rejuvenating pungency. It will also cause a serious bloodshot eye or two, so If you don’t want to get noticed, we advise discretion. Also, be warned, this stuff can have a cheesy funk taste that can linger on forever after smoking.

As earlier highlighted, the high from blue cheese weed comes slowly with no head rush of sudden collapse. This is not typical of indica strains, which cause high cerebral effects. On the contrary, the blue will offer physical relaxation and mental focus. It boosts cognition and completely alters how you think about stuff, which can be the breakthrough you need on your stalling project.

Relaxation here does not mean the couch-locking effects of some other strains. If you are looking for a good vape pen strain to relax, try the blue cheese weed taste. But if you are in pursuit of a drug that will completely keep you sedated, this might not be it for you.

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Medically, the blue cheese weed makes an excellent relief for minor pains and aches and treatment for insomnia. It will get your appetite back online and can even prove very useful for treating some post-traumatic stress disorders.

 Final thoughts on the Blue Cheese Strain

In conclusion, the blue cheese strain is an awesome product and plant to grow. Just be sure to confirm that it is legal to do so in your state and, most importantly, always take it easy with new strains. Remember that our articles are merely for informational purposes and are in no way substitute for legal or professional medical advice.

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