Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

When talking about one of the most legendary strains of the century that you would be able in the West Coast, you would find the same answer to be given by everyone – Blue dream strain. It would be for this reason that it seems to have become more of a household name amongst cannabis lovers and patients rather than being looked at as just one of those trendy strains that would hop in and out of the scene.

The Main Effects

When discussing the effects of this weed strain, you would find it to be diverse and pleasant. What would be more, it would also be capable of appealing to a diverse range of potheads, patients, and recreational users. As you would be able to understand, it would be one of that universal cannabis about which no one would be able to complain about.
Regarding its origin of the name, it has been named after the sweet and fruity aroma that would resemble biting into a batch of fresh blueberries that has just been picked by hand. As such, the effects of Blue dream strain would be far-reaching, starting from motivated and energized to relaxed and euphoric. It would be because of its overall versatility that this weed seems to have become a favorite amongst patients who would be suffering from various ailments and symptoms. It would be for this reason that it has been regarded as a necessity for the medicine cabinet by the experts in the United States. Not only that, but it would be a common sight to see this weed being easily stored and available at homes of the majority of weed lovers. As such, this would be one which could be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes – thus taking the whole cannabis world by storm.

So, when you would begin to read upon Blue dream, there would be no end to the amount of information that you would be able to find on the internet. However, it would also not be correct to say that everything that you would be reading on the net would be right. In other words, you would be able to come across a lot of sources portraying false and misleading information and facts about Blue dream. Reading those would be bound to confuse you, mainly if you would find yourself to be a new entrant in the wonderful world of weed and cannabis.
It would be for this reason that we have taken the responsibility upon our shoulders and conducted in-depth research and analysis of this weed strain. That being said, you would be able to find all that you would need to know in this one article. So without further ado, let us begin.

What is Blue dream weed?

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First things first, it would seem sensible to get a basic idea or understanding of this weed out of the way. With a genetic makeup of 40 percent Indica and sixty percent sativa, this strain would be classified as being hybrid. However, in a lot of cases, you would find this weed strain to be comprised more of sativa, whereas, in other scenarios, you would see it to be highly composed of Indica.
That being put aside, the existence of Blue dream would be derived from two fragrant and delicious strains being cross-bred: Haze and Blueberry. As for its origins, it could easily be traced back to California. This is because the sweetness of the blueberry bud would remind you that it would be suitable for the golden and sunny state known as California. By taking the first whiff, you would want to go back for more.
Based on the tests which would routinely be conducted, the THC content in Blue dream has been found to be more than twenty-five percent. Even though a lot of people would think of this percentage level to be quite high, it would be nowhere near to the other powerful kinds of weed strains. Even then, you would not find the bud to disappoint in any way. This is because the medicinal THC would be sufficient to be shared amongst the cannabis community. As for its CBD levels, it has been found to be quite low. This would signify that a large chunk of medicinal benefits would be derived from the TCH levels of Blue dream weed strain.

Flavor, aroma, and appearance

This marijuana would primarily be recognized for its excellent and unique aroma and flavor. This is because when you would take the first whiff, you should expect to be overwhelmed by a delectable and delicious taste of the fruit. If you would think that your pleasurable experience would stop right there, prepare to be in for a greater surprise. As you would continue taking whiffs, you would be able to get flavors of earthy and sharp sandalwood, crisp citrus, and even floral and grape notes. All in all, you would be able to find a harmonious balance being given from both the parents – Haze and Blueberry.
Where the aroma is concerned, it would be pungent and hard-hitting on the nose. It would be for this reason that you should not regard it as the other common cannabis that you would be able to find in a jar. Also, it would leave traces of the smell wherever you would go. This would mean that you would be getting the maximum value from your high.
Concerning appearance, Blue dream weed strain would strongly remind you nothing of fresh blueberries. In fact, you should expect to see forest green shades, with orange and yellow pistils that would be coated in THC trichomes. The water that would be leaving the bud would range from dark green to brown to orange in color. Again, this would depend on the subspecies that you would be cultivated, along with the conditions in which your crop would be grown and harvested.

Effects of Blue dream weed

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When talking about the impact that you would be able to receive from consuming Blue dream, you would find them to be of a diverse variety. It would be for this reason that it would be considered to be an easily-loved and versatile option for any cannabis lover. This would leave you with a relaxed and uplifted feeling, which would often be paired with a euphoria that you would find to be both energizing and creative.
As Blue dream would be considered to be a hybrid, it would be perfect for smoking during the day. This would mean that you would be able to smoke it a bit before heading off to work to prepare yourself for a long and intense day. According to a lot of people, this strain seems to work better for them than even a cup of coffee. However, this would not be a suitable option if you would be trying to get a good and peaceful sleep at night. Even then, it would be perfect for smoking after a long and tiring day or if you would be going out and chilling with your closest friends.

Medicinal benefits

The Blue dream strain review would not be complete or comprehensive without discussing the therapeutic benefits. Thanks to the wide variety of effects which could be experienced, it has been found to be suitable for treating a large number of symptoms, conditions, and ailments. Overall, it would be appropriate for treating mental disorders such as depression and stress, along with physical ailments such as strong fatigue levels, headaches, and chronic pain. Since Blue dream would be considered to be a marijuana strain that would give extremely uplifting effects, it would be perfect for those people who would find themselves to be upset, worried, or exhausted. However, over-consumption would most likely lead to further stress and paranoia. It would be for this reason that you should know your limits and then balance your consumption accordingly. As for people who would be dealing with severe or medical conditions like neurological disorders, seizures, or cancer, Blue dream strain would not be considered to be an ideal option. This would be due to its low CBN/CBD content.

Possible side effects

While this would not come as a surprise, some of the most common side effects which have been associated with Blue dream would be dry eyes and dry mouth. So, if you would find yourself to be a victim of these side effects, then you should make sure to drink a lot of fluids and keep yourself hydrated the whole time. As for dry eyes, you could use eyedrops to keep them moist. In sporadic cases, it has been found that people would be suffering from paranoia or anxiety after consumption. Again, this could easily be avoided by determining your limits and then well adhering to it. This would be something which would be constant amongst all kinds of weed strains. If you would listen carefully to your body and respect its needs, consumption of this weed strain would be a smooth and pleasurable one.

Final thoughts

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Hence, that brings us to the end of Blue dream strain review. We hope that you would have found the entire article to be informative and educational, other than being enjoyable. As you would be able to understand, this would indeed be a phenomenal strain whose effects you would be able to experience right from the very first whiff. Lastly, it would also be a good thing to remember that the consumption of marijuana would be the sole responsibility of the user.



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