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Can I travel with CBD Products?

Regulations about CBD are some of the most confusing legislation in this country. The general public has no idea about it. The rules can often be non-existent, and at times also unclear. Our purpose here is to talk about the general knowledge relating to traveling with CBD. Let us see what we do about it:

First, a little about CBD itself:                 

Everywhere, CBD is known for being the chemical compound that comes from the hemp species of the cannabis plant. You can see this compound popping in things like gummy bears and ice cream. It is non-intoxicating because, as a chemical compound, it is not psychoactive. Not being psychoactive means that the chemical compound’s effects will not alter the brain to make it feel intoxicating.

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The one, which does that goes by the name Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as it is very much psychoactive. This one is predominantly found in the famous species of the cannabis plant called marijuana. The simple fact that CBD is derived from the same family plant family from where THC also stems is what stigmatizes CBD as a chemical compound for use. Both of these can be available in the same species of the cannabis plant, but one can also be absent from a species. Whose effect will be felt more depends on who has the highest concentration in a species?

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What is the deal with traveling with CBD or related products?

The convoluted regulations that regulate the CBD are always fluctuating, making it challenging to say something general about it. Many of the states in the country let CBD be legal. This means that it is legal to possess it with you, but the thing is the fluctuation of the laws like the one they pass in 2018 as a Farm Bill, makes the seller and the buyer, or whosoever have it in possession in some way, anxious. And what about traveling with CBD? Well, as there are some additional regulations about flying (or driving) with it, it makes the whole thing more convoluted and difficult to navigate. Luckily for us, and fortunately for you, we know some things about it.

The newest official rules and regulations around products with CBD will be implemented at the end of 2019. But our concern here is the transportation rules and regulations. The TSA, or as more appropriately called the Transportation Security Administration, says on its website that the possession of cannabis-related or cannabis-derived substances like cannabidiol (CBD) oil is illegal during traveling. This statement can make people traveling with CBD oil very anxious, but it suggests that CBD would not be allowed if it derived from marijuana.

Follow the Regulations

The boys (and girls) from the TSA do not directly search for things related to the cannabis plant; they will primarily contact a law enforcement officer. Many experts believe if it is necessary to be traveling with CBD, the consensus is that one should do it discreetly, and please do not go about flashing the CBD infused product in the face of the authorities. This whole thing means that according to TSA rules, people will not be allowed to bring in their CBD infused products in their carry or checked bags.

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As we mentioned before, CBD can be derived from different cannabis plants, and one can be marijuana. CBD not derived from hemp (which will probably contain THC) will have the user criminally detained from the law, at the very least. This will not be the case if the CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is usually legal in most states.

Hemp is justifiable because it contains either a negligible amount of THC or none at all. Many sellers and buyers traveling with CBD oil operate in this grey area. Using CBD while one has to travel, especially to some far off location, might get tricky.

Some Guidelines for traveling with CBD:

There should always be some guidelines for the ones traveling with CBD. Without them, they might be walking into a dangerous hole they wouldn’t want to go into. So, let us see what have we got:

Always make sure that the state or country you are going has CBD as legal:

There can be countries where traveling with CBD oil is very harmful, and so can be the states. It is a good idea to ensure that you will have the appropriate CBD status in the area.

Traveling with CBD has to be done discreetly. Otherwise, they will take it as a threat if you are acting suspicious, even when you can be in a place where it is legal.

Final words:

As per guidelines, make no mistake; additionally, make sure you know everything about CBD and traveling. Not doing so may pertain to danger. As a disclaimer, we are in no way motivating you to do illegal activity, so please do refrain from doing it. This content was written for general knowledge, and you do not have to take it very seriously. While we may be a champion of the cannabis revolution, we are not endorsing an illegal activity. So make sure you refrain from that religiously.

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