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Clementine Strain

Crocket family farms are the proud inventor on record for the Clementine strain hybrid weed, which is well known for its mellow effects and still a sativa leaning cannabis plant. They are the same lot that came up with another prize winner –  the Chocolate. Therefore, we are not very surprised they would later pull yet another stunt in inventing the world’s unconventional weed that induces a one of a kind level of deep thought and a subtle body high. The Clementine is a darling for users who are familiar with citrus pine and diesel. It’s because it derived from the Lemon Skunk, which boasts of all out of these. With highs of up to 27% THC, this weed strain is a force to reckon with and an actual multiple cup winner of the Best sativa concentrate award in the High Times cannabis competition.


The clementine strain came about by crossing the legendary Lemon Skunk and Tangie, which are both sativa dominant hybrids and are renowned for their uplifting effects. It is the best strain to start on your sativa journey with. And is widely considered the poster bearer for the larger sativa family. Clementine will get you feeling better, more positive and give you a breakthrough in your stalling projects with a fresh new perspective of things. It has a gentle leveling effect with physical relaxation and high cerebral thought activity.

It’s a daytime strain – even though it has a 27% ceiling on THC, it will take a whole lot of it to overdo it. It is well suited for days when you feel stressed or even depressed. Its pain relief threshold is excellent, and it has fewer lethargic side effects. The relief of this strain is instant, which makes it ideal or use as a natural painkiller.

Appearance and flavors

You will know it’s a clementine weed plant by the distinct large flowers tapering down from the bases into the huge conical buds. It has this unique elongated flower similar to other sativa structured buds with thinner yellowish-green leaves and that gently hugs their stem. Leaves are also threaded with brown pistils. And, the buds are unlike any other with a white tint thanks to the thick translucent trichrome. It would be best if you had a grinder to chew through these babies as they are exceedingly difficult to break up.

The buds, once broken up, present the characteristic diesel odor. And the flower has the sweet aroma of citrus that they can retain forever with proper curing.  The herb burns with a smooth smoke that expands in the lungs. Once you exhale, a noticeable lemon cleaning taste clings on for a bit.

As for the smell once burnt, the clementine is not the stuff that flies under the radar right under the neighbors’ noses. It has a strong, pungent odor that cannot be hidden without precautionary measures. If you wish to remain discreet, make all the necessary arrangements before. Clementine does such a thorough job that you might forget you were trying to keep it down.

Effects of clementine weed

The high from this strain is quick and lacks the cerebral intensity of other sativas. When you use this, you might feel more connected to the world around you, and your perception changes. It completely alters how you do things and how you approach problems. Therefore, it makes a good pot for a project you can’t seem to finish. Even if you are planning on running errands or cleaning up the house, this is the stuff that will get you moving without any of the couch-lock effects of some strains. It is what we like to call a wake and bake strain. It should not be used for sleep purposes because it causes overstimulation and a heightened sense of alertness.

You may find yourself getting interested in new ideas and the intricate details of every problem and general creative thinking. The problem-solving ability of this strain is one of its strongest points. It goes along with its ability to relax the body, reducing the tension of any kind. It can still pull you down if you are stuck on iterative thinking and your processor hits a recursive error snag.

High THC Content

The Clementine strain is popular for clinics offering relief for patients suffering from various mind-related disorders because of its psychological benefits. Stress, anxiety, and depression are some areas where this strain can do a thorough job. It provides capacity for clear-headed focused thinking on a cerebral level and enhances cognition for users. Its high THC content is only administered sparingly to patients with a low THC threshold.

Additionally, it will provide psychological advantages of mood enhancement in depressed patients and relief for attention deficit disorder.  But if you are looking for a weed strain to start using for the first time, this might not be the gentlest version of the herb to bake for rookies. It has a quick high and hits you like a tsunami. With no THC experience, you might find yourself spinning around.

Growing clementine strain

The Crockett family have recently released the seeds of their wonder strain. It is now widely available for indoor and outdoor cultivation by commercial growers and hobbyists alike.

If you are looking to grow your crop outside, you will require a location with a semi-humid climate with warm days from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This would be beneficial for your plants to expand to a luxurious height. You will need hands-on experience with trimming and pruning to make room for your crop to breathe and regulate height.

Clementine weed is a quick bloomer at 8 to 9 weeks flowering and a considerably high yield of up to two ounces per square foot of the crop. The skunky, pungent smell of the plant is not just when burning but also in the garden. So if you are growing outdoors, you have to ensure that the neighbors are okay with it. Even if the wind shifts in the direction of their house! Indoor growth is smelly, and therefore you can install odor control measures such as exhaust fans.

Growing is only part of the journey to a healthy stash of weed for the coming apocalypse. Perhaps you want to relearn your curing techniques to preserve your harvest with its natural citrus taste of natural goodness. Mold is the worst enemy of your pot. It is brought about by too much moisture.

Why and When to Choose Clementine?

Clementine strain is an excellent choice for a great-tasting and highly psychoactive weed strain. It has a straight-up high and a thoughtful one, for that matter, while still tasting fruity and enjoyable with interesting notes for your tongue to detect. Clementine is an excellent choice of pot for when you have social gatherings. It will feel lighter for hardcore sativa enthusiasts since it is milder than the stuff they are used to get high on. This will get you high and mellow, making it one of the most satisfying sativa strains ever smoked.

clementine strain, eye

This makes one of the hottest trending weed strains today, spreading across the continent. And not only because of its accolade but also because the user loves it. The jar opens to the alluring light shade of the leaves with orange-brown strips from the decidedly beautiful buds to the unique, exciting fruity aroma. This weed is excellent on the eyes, nose, and the high is impressive.

The great orange-like aroma of the weed with notes of freshness and highlights of the earth is like walking through a citrus orchard after a heavy pour. This weed is an excellent sensation even before you take the first puff. That is what makes properly cured clementine weed a gold mine for sativa nerds.

The taste of the first puff will leave you in a trance. The pot has been praised for its sharp-tasting buds with a seducing citrusy after taste.

Final thoughts on clementine strain

The strain is relatively easy to grow and has the advantage of quick maturity. Indoor growing will take quite a few tricks, but nothing outside of the skill set you might have gathered growing other strains. The harvest is decent and profitable for commercial growth if that is what you want. If you are growing a few plants for fun, this should be an easy one for you. It will provide a continuous flow of joy for at least a couple of months within just a few square feet of growing.

Medically, the clementine strain has several benefits over other strains. Your doctor might recommend it over others, depending on your condition. It’s the little weed that goes a long way type of pot that gives you more mileage. Whether you are on medication or want some fun with friends, this pot is worthy of growth. And of course, you can order the finished cured product online and the seeds provided you are sourcing from the right supplier.

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