Does CBD stay in your system?

cbd in system

Does CBD stay in your system?

Someone new in the world of CBD must have plenty of questions in their mind. And it’s okay to have questions, as it only indicates that you have a curious mind and you like to know what you’re getting into. Cannabidiol oil is subject to a lot of scrutiny but times have changed fast, and more people are looking into it. If you’re one of the many people who are looking into some aspects of CBD oil or maybe CBD oil side effects, then you’re at the right place. We are a blog dedicated to the cause of CBD oil and its usage. With scientific research making leaps in this area, it is safe to say that CBD oil is getting popular due to its health benefits. One of the less mainstream questions surrounding CBD oil is how long does CBD stay in your system? This blog will address this question in relevance to pure cbd oil and how long does CBD stay in your system.

 Okay then, why is this question important?

It is crucial to begin by bringing into an authoritative figure to answer our question. Firstly, we need to understand that the World Health Organization (WHO) made it clear by releasing a report surrounding CBD oil usage. The report clearly states that the usage of CBD oil doesn’t contribute towards any negative aspects whatsoever. Secondly, a much-debated question surrounding CBD oil usage is that does it come with a psychoactive tendency. Many people are of the impression that CBD oil is typically the same as Marijuana. However, it might be considered the same as it is composed of the same components. Although, the significant difference lies in the fact that CBD lacks the element known as THC which is responsible for psychoactive tendencies in Marijuana. 

 Now, to address the question, how long does CBD stay in your system? This is of importance because we live in an extraordinary time. The acceptance of Marijuana usage is slowly catching the pace. Even though it has been legalized in many states in the US, still there are rigorous testing procedures which can be a hurdle in your life. Even though these tests are made to find traces of THC in your blood, but the chances are that it will detect CBD oil and make it equal to THC. This barrier is problematic because it can render your chances to avail jobs or opportunities. This is the reason why pure CBD oil usage doesn’t mean you won’t get tested positive. If this happens, you will get into trouble. 

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 THC in CBD:

Testing positive for THC in a drug test is possible because of the nature of CBD oil. It is no wonder that many cases of such occurrences have happened in the past. Even now, when the drug tests are excellent due to new scientific techniques, it still is a possibility that you will test positive also though you have only used CBD oil. This happens because CBD oil does include minimal traces of THC. The extraction of THC from CBD oil is possible, and CBD selling companies always claim that it has no THC. However, that is not the complete story; it is quite common to find CBD induced traces in pure CBD oil. Because after all, CBD side effects have no psychoactive elements but still minute traces of THC are possible because of the extraction process. In other words, even though you might not experience a high after consuming CBD. The chances are that a few traces of THC do remain in your body.

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 Industrial Hemp:

The best example that we can use to explain how CBD oil might contain traces of THC is the usage of industrial hemp. According to estimates, industrial hemp has around 0.3% of THC. Even though this number is virtually non-existent and will not impact your body in any way. But the downside is that you might get tested positive for THC because the trace is still there even in a low amount. This necessarily implies that you can fail a drug test also if you’re consuming full-spectrum CBD oil. The following are some of the nitty gritty details which will answer how long does CBD stay in your system?

 Lack of Research:

The question of how long does CBD stay in your system is rather complicated. People are curious because it might get them in trouble if they fail a test. Or maybe they want to know how long does it stay in your system. Regardless of what your intentions are, the fact is that Marijuana has been a prohibited drug for a long time and lacks research. As it was a banned substance, not a lot of opportunities were given to scientists in terms of how they could address questions. As it lacks research, we won’t be able to provide a definitive answer on how long does CBD stay in your system. Lack of research is problematic because this question has serious implications on how one should use CBD. Even when it comes to cbd oil side effects, scientists lack a definitive answer because not a lot of research is being conducted.

 One way through which we can get an idea of how long does CBD stay in your system is through current research which is being conducted. The problem, however, is that no definitive answer lies in the study, but it still is good enough as we don’t have any other option. For the majority of CBD users, CBD oil side effects disappear within five minutes to half an hour. However, this doesn’t mean that CBD or THC is not present in your system. Five minutes to half an hour is the timeline in which most obvious CBD oil side effects disappear. However, further side effects might take four hours in total to disappear, but this still doesn’t answer the fact that how long does CBD stay in your system.

 This means that even though in a total of four hours CBD oil side effects might dissipate the actual CBD percentage will remain, and that varies.

 CBD Clearance Time Frame:

CBD clearance time frame is of utmost importance and is even though not thoroughly researched we do have some studies that elaborate on the matter. The best way to get an idea of the time frame is through the concept of half-life. The half-life of any compound tells us how long it will take for it dissipates from the system. In the case of CBD half-life, one study concludes that it may take four days to completely negate any amount of traces of CBD in your system. Another study tells us that it takes around 2-5 days for CBD to be removed entirely from the body. 

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 Both the study was undertaken on several individuals who were given 700mg of CBD every day for six days. Then all of the individuals were provided a time frame of 7 days in which the consumption of CBD was stopped. Evidence indicates that it took all of them the same amount of time as told previously to avoid any CBD trace. Also, both men and women were part of this experiment; it also indicated that regardless of what gender the consumer is, it takes the same amount of time for CBD to be expelled from your system. Pure CBD oil consumers were tested in this research experiment, and now there is significant evidence that it takes five days on average for CBD to get out of the system. So, the question of how long does CBD stay in your system has been answered.

It is essential that you understand that it remaining traces of CBD might not be visible, but due to the nature of the compound, it will still be in your bloodstream. There are also other factors that come into play while we’re talking about how long does CBD stay in your system.CBD oil side effects, as well as traces in a system, also depends on factors such as age, weight, and height.

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CBD Oil Side Effects:

Again not a lot of conclusive research is conducted on the side effects of CBD oil. But it is safe to say that research does suggest that there are a few side effects that a person experience. These CBD oil side effects include lethargy, bits of anxiety and a dry mouth. These side effects disappear within thirty minutes maximum. So, as far as CBD oil side effects are concerned, you don’t have to worry about them as it only takes thirty minutes to get rid of them.

What amount of Time can be Considered Safe?

When it comes to the amount of time that is considered to be safe for all kinds of people, research indicates that seven days is a reasonable amount of time. Regardless of how much pure CBD oil you have consumed the time frame of 7 days is a safe bet. Once you’re scheduled for a drug test, then you should stop consuming CBD straightaway. Also, make sure that the test is at least seven days away from when you begin halting CBD consumption. This way you’ll not fail the drug test under any scenario.

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The Question of Benefits:

CBD is a wonder drug and can change the life of a person in an instant. The fact is that CBD side effects are not harmful to the body and they can even be beneficial. Barring side effects such as lethargy or tiredness, pure CBD oil is known to be helpful for a wide range of diseases. These diseases can range from depression, anxiety to pain relief and soreness. Regardless of what purpose or benefit you use leaving CBD can be a tough choice. The fact is that those who start using CBD for gaining medical interest become prone to using it daily and regularly. Hence, even halting for seven days can be a tough ask. Unfortunately, this is the cost we have to pay to make sure we don’t test positive for THC which can have consequences. It is essential that you look into the details and plan out how you’ll be stopping or halting CBD consumption. You must have some substitute that can help you in your specific disease.


Over the year we have seen cases of CBD users failing drug tests for THC. Even though they never smoked Marijuana, they still tested positive for CBD as pure CBD oil does contain minimal traces of THC. Hence, to not fail a drug test it is recommended that you halt CBD consumption for seven days. Which in turn will remove CBD from your system entirely?


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