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Dogwalker OG

If you are an experienced cannabis user, you will have things you expect from a good stoning session. Top among these might be the psychedelic high and medicinal benefits, then the aroma and taste come in second place. But then, when you first open the jar, it’s the aroma that introduces the weed and creates your impression of it right off the bat. The Dogwalker OG or Dogwalker strain is an A material for rich aroma and potency, and exciting flavors.

Today we take out one of the older jars, explore the Dogwalker, the weed with an exciting name, and fall from the sky. A gift from the heavens, perhaps but one which we need to mess with great care as if we could possess some supernatural powers. Today we try to unravel the mystery of the Dogwalker OG strain. How to grow, how to distinguish it from your other stash and

Appearance and flavor

The most striking thing about the appearance and smell of the Dogwalker OG strain is the wet dog smell. Yeah, it sounds like the grossest thing and a huge turn off for non-users. But ardent marijuana users love how filthy the name sounds. It is not known for sure why that specific name, but we can certainly guess why. Just as an animal owner will not ditch their dog for the scent, so is Dogwalker OG to its users!

The plant itself is a sophisticated form with a distinct odor that you can speak up from hundreds of meters, and those rich earthy notes are unlike anything you have experienced. It has a unique mixture of gasoline and pine, creating a whole new level of high. The plant does take after the Albert Walker OG and a little like the Chemdawg 91 strains.

Mystery of Origin

A probe into the sources of the Dogwalker OG strain remains a mystery to date. Unfortunately, we cannot give due credit to the anonymous genius who came up with the plant. The plant likely comes from a marriage between an Indica dominant Albert Walker OG and the Sativa dominated Chemdawg 91.

Perhaps this mystery of origin makes the strain Dogwalker that makes it such a fascination in the cannabis world stage. Since no one knows where it comes from, there will always be a mysterious air to it. And both new users and experienced ones will always find something new about this mysterious pot strain.


If the cannabis strains formed a wolf pack, the Dogwalker OG would be an alpha with its super high up to a staggering 26% THC. This is some serious weight and is not to be toyed around with by novice stoners. It has a powerful high that can prove to be quite a turmoil even for experienced users. If you have a low tolerance for THC, then you should not use too much of this.  It can destroy the rest of your day.

The strain is not exactly a walk in the park, even for experienced users. Yet, it can be one of the most alluring pot options you have ever tried so far. From the first time you smoke or vape this weed, you will know that you want to be this high many more times. It offers an enjoyable well rounded high that even veterans will find interesting and different. Sure does need some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy the resulting focus and subtly euphoric episodes. It is the right joint to light after a long day at work to help you relax and get in the zone alone or with a couple of friends over.


Balanced Effects

This is the pot that gives you a clear head to think about important stuff. It is not a wake and bake solution as it induces a distinct calm that helps you unwind slowly, possibly before bed.

The Dogwalker OG is a blend of both sativa and indica, causing mixed but well-balanced effects that take turns. Sativa may hit first, but indica is the active ingredient that will have the last laugh. The indica effect calms you sincerely to the bone and gives your entire physique a gentle buzzing massage relieving strain, pain, and any forms of injury. Then the sleepiness will gently engulf your eyes and smoothly roll you to sleep. When you take the pot in excess, the sleepy feeling might be the one that is enhanced.

Potential risks of the Dogwalker OG weed

Other than the super high THC content is not the only precaution that beginners should look for before joining the club. Inexperience with THC itself can present severe problems, so if you are not looking for a crazy episode, you better consult your weed doctor before taking the second puff at this pot.

Another adverse effect of the strain is a typical dry mouth and eyes. For this using water and other refreshments, but don’t dare add alcohol to the mix. If you don’t understand what mixing alcohol and weed can do to you, you better consult our other articles. Bottom-line, it will be messy, noisy and there might even be casualties.

Be careful

Seriously, take this weed with the seriousness it deserves! The deep high hits with an impulse, and it can backfire on you if you are not careful with first-time use. It may cause anxiety and loss of control if taken in higher doses than a person can handle. The threshold always varies according to the person.

That said, all other effects of the weed are mild and easily pass by. We recommend moderation when starting to avoid any severe problems.

Growing Dogwalker OG

Growing the Dogwalker OG is quite the challenge to achieve a reasonable harvest with commercial viability. To make business sense, you will need quite a vast knowledge of economic techniques. It includes saving space and resources as well as maximizing harvest to reach your garden’s full potential. Even with first-hand seeds from a certified supplier, it will take an experienced hand to grow your Dogwalker to maturity.

If you are quite the growing guru, you’d love an ever-increasing challenge! This is one plant that will give you the satisfaction of a lush crop you can brag about and make money on. It would help if you had patience as there are many potential pitfalls and a lot of attention is required to get this right. It takes slightly longer to flower at nine to ten weeks, and harvest is about 500 grams per plant.

Remember getting the right seed is the step you can’t afford to get wrong when starting to grow any strain.  Get this wrong, and you could be looking at serious monetary losses not to mention a complete waste of your time with some unworthy weeds in the name of Dogwalker OG weed.

Final thoughts on Dogwalker OG strain

As you might have gathered, this strain is not for the rookie. You can prepare for a bumpy ride that will end with a sudden systems shutdown rolling you gently to deep sleep. It is relatively difficult to grow even with the right seeds and the elusive Mediterranean like conditions. If you do it well, you can get a bumper harvest and cure your buds for a gallant stock of good pot. It makes a good evening escape that will lead up to a good night’s sleep filled with sweet dreams. It a bit of a water guzzler, but that is nothing that a glass of water just before bed cannot solve.

Do you have any experiences personal or otherwise with the said strain? Would you like to grow, or are you currently growing this strain of weed? Do you have some tips to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments as always. So, please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or to say Hi!

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