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Goji OG

Goji OG is a sativa dominant strain made up by the crossover of two slightly lesser known strains, Snow lotus and Nepali OG. Although the THC levels are rather high, being about 22 percent, the CBD content is considerably low as it is merely an average of 0.5 percent.

Goji OG is bred by Bodhi seeds and is named after the bright red, sour Himalayan berry. The buds are on the smaller side and tend to be decidedly less dense, with the color being medium green and a touch of bright orange and red along with the sprinkling of crystals. The aroma is mainly dominated by the berries, pines, and skunk, while the traces of earth, citric and licorice are also often felt.

The berries, being packed with a range of nutrients are becoming a superfood and therefore are known as wolfberries for their multiple uses. Their complex nature tends to provide them the multiple dimensional flavor profile, and thus they are often claimed to be designed such that they have an aromatic medley of flavors.

The various features of the berry attract different users. While some find the range of flavors highly arousing and tend to use the berry because of its diverse taste, many also see the high THC content as an attractive feature. Although the product is often labeled as a highly strong hit, it is often recommended for the string headed user’s ad the effects are almost immediate. The psychoactive effects are usually felt almost instantly after the initial head rush and slight body melt. Although recommended to use it gently at first, the product is known to lead the user towards the wrecking stage. The medical users have found the low CBD content as a weak point in the formulation of the product. The shallow content of CBD tends to lead to significant seizure disorders and also various forms of cancers. However, the sativa dominance tends to make the product such, that the user can dive into its indulgence at any time of the day.

The bodhi seeds used are mainly grown indoors and inside the greenhouse. While the plant achieves its tall structures, the flowers being to start blossoming in the ninth week. The plantations do not require extreme care as the newly formed structure is quite self-sufficient with its strong stem. Instead of the buds being wrapped around the smaller branches, they are often found wrapped across the main stem. The light refraction of the growing areas often determines the visible colors of the plantation. Often a rainbow of colors and frosty trichome’s are seen.

Common usage

While people become prey to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, the Goji OG comes into play. The highest use of the product is seen in cases of the user suffering from depression, with anxiety being the next highest common reason of use. The effects of the product are almost instantaneous and thus the user tends to find solace in its use in order to escape the painful state of mind. While the effects may provide solace for a short time, the user tends to find it extremely relieving such that they become addicted to it within a short time. Nausea, loss of appetite and pain are amongst the few other common reasons for the use.

The product is available in three different flavors, namely sweet, berry and flowery, which often appease to the users suffering from loss of appetite and nausea. While the thought of food might be reaching for them, the fact that they can fulfill their required nutrients by inhaling Goji OG tends to be a soothing alternative. The taste tends to make it more of a food alternate and thus it is often found to be the soothing companion of the people suffering from loss of appetite or a chronic case of nausea.

People often use it as a pain reliever as the instant effect of the product tends to result in an instantaneous shift in their mood. The fact that the berries can make them forget their sorrow and their pain momentarily is enough for them to get addicted to it.


The most common effect of Goji OG is felt almost instantaneously as the tense demeanor of the user slips away and the body becomes relaxed. The stiffness and unwanted tension in the body melts away and is replaced by the smooth and relaxed muscles. The feeling of euphoria and happiness is also felt as time passes. Although euphoria is often the third stage of the effects, happiness is often felt after the body relaxes. As the product continues to take control of the body, the energy of the user tends to increase dramatically, and the moods are of uplifted. All the effects tend to contribute towards the user becoming not only extremely happy but also tends to provide them with positive energy.

The buds are smaller in size and thus their portability is made easier. The effects are instantaneous and thus the user can be benefitted from it within seconds. Many users have often claimed that the only effects felt were that of pure joy and nirvana. While the size of the bud may be small, the effects tend to be extremely long lasting and the person can feel the effects throughout the day. as claimed by a user, the bud lasted for almost a day with its effects being highly felt for the first 12-hour period.

The people often suffering from insomnia are also frequent users of the product as the effects prevent them from not only feeling constantly tired but also allow them a sense of euphoria. Moreover, the side effects of the product consist of extreme kind of fatigue and thus helps with the user’s insomnia case. Although it is highly discouraged to use the product during menstrual days, the women continue their addiction to the product. The dire withdrawal effects are too difficult for the addicted person to bear. Their menstrual cycles are also often disturbed due to the constant use and this also leads to dire effects.

Negative effects

Although the effects tend to contribute towards extreme euphoria and uplifting of the user’s mood, the constant use of the products tends to leave the users mouth extremely dry. Moreover, extreme dryness of the eye’s ad skin is also felt by the users. Once the effects tend to wear off, the user is left in a copulating state of paranoia where they tend to question each action and become highly distrusting of their companions.  Like any other product of the same kind, Goji OG also tends to lead to dizziness and despite the fact that it is often used as a breakthrough from anxiety, it is reported to leave the user in a more anxious and complex state after the effects wear off. The negatives often compel the user to take another shot immediately after the effects start to wear off. This leads to absolute addiction and eventual wrecking of oneself.

The product may seem to be proving solace and comfort to the user, however it often tends to leave the person in a messed-up state, where the only option they have is to go back to the product. Despite it being extremely strong, it is often reported to be addictive and many people smoke it multiple times during the day. This leads to chronic diseases and constant problems like the drying of eyes and skin. The taste, aroma and the colors may seem to be appeasing, however, the constant usage in never recommended.

Apart from the increase in stress levels of the individual, the user is bound to fell extreme fatigue and constant tiredness along with short spams of pain. The pain is often produced from within the body and thus is unstoppable. The muscles tend to constrict and expand unwantedly and thus the constant muscle pain is amongst the most common form of pain felt. The users also often develop a severe case of gastritis which is indeed painful and needs a great level of care.

Method of consumption

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The product is such that it can be either inhaled or in a vaporized form. The product once burned can be vaporized and thus the user can simply take it in that form. For inhaling once the smoke is created after the burning process, the seed can be inhaled to enjoy the effects. The smoke usually lasts for the whole day, therefore, using the burnt seed once might be enough. The preferred time by most users is the evening hours as the effect is immediate and can be felt to the fullest.

The places where the product is freely available in areas namely Valdosta, GA, Decatur, GA, and Sunset District, CA. while the product can be used at any age, many used in the years of late teenage or between the ages of 20 – 40, and the gender more prone towards addiction of the drug is female.

Many users find solace in the product after suffering from trauma or disaster loss. The product has gained popularity over time and has become famous due to social media and easy supply. While in the earlier times the supply of the product was restricted to only the areas where the flower was cultivated. However, with the ease of online marketing and easy delivery systems, the product can be distributed in various countries with extreme ease. The situation is such that in countries with extremely strict drug sale laws, the product is also sold in the black market.

It is often recommended that the people suffering from any form of disease or any chronic problem must not indulge in the consumption of Goji OG. The drug may seem to be enticing and as an easy alternative, however, the negative effects the drug has on the person greatly outweigh the benefits it has. Therefore, it is important to note that the user’s health may deteriorate as a result of the products usage.

The strain is amongst the easily harvested strain and with its high THC levels, it seems to be the favorite of many drug users. Although it has a couple of side effects, the users have often claimed that the constant feeling of euphoria and happiness is “worth it”. However, the sites often selling, and the companies involved in its sale are cautious enough to inform the users beforehand. The disadvantages of using the product not only vary from dryness of the skin and eyes but also causes the person to suffer from chronic medical cases.

In regard to the growth and breeding of the strain, the growth procedure is significantly simpler and it does not require a very long time for harvesting. The process might be extremely rewarding but it also requires great care. Care during the growth is often negligible but determining the soil and pH is highly important. It is of great importance that the soil, water levels, and the pH are carefully monitored as the breed is highly environmentally sensitive. Slight ignorance in regard to either of the factor may lead to the yield being destroyed completely.  The flowering type is photoperiod and the expected yield is significantly large. With the gardening skills being immediate, the user can easily grow the breed and thus the production of the breed is significantly easier and thus the high yielding flower can be easily cultivated.

Although, the drug may have many euphoria and happiness effects, however, the side effects are also present. While the sale of the product is quite frequent, the drug users tend to use it as a form of reliever and a way of finding solace in times of distress. The people tend to find relief in the action of continuous inhaling of the product. Although the drug tends to lead towards fatigue and elevated stress, the instant effects tend to be the appealing factor. Many individuals have opted to inhale the product as a result to feel the overcoming giddy and happy feeling. The addiction towards the drug may cause chronic disease which often leads to death. The users have given positive reviews regarding it and often claimed the product to be responsible for their happy and enjoyable life. However, Goji OG, like any other drug has overwhelming effects as well as fatal side effects, thus it is important to monitor an individual’s consumption.

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