how to quit smoking with cbd vape

How to quit smoking with CBD vape?

You have finally and firmly decided that you have had enough of smelly and yellow fingers, ashtray breath, and freezing outside while everybody else is inside enjoying a hot tea. And let’s face it, society is slowly pushing smoking to the slums. Twenty or even ten years ago, a big chunk of your friends would have been smoking, but the law of probability says that now, there is only a couple of you left.

So, it is time. You want to quit, you have written an exact date in the calendar, you have notified your friends and family, and the countdown starts. But, you read somewhere that only 6% of smokers going “cold turkey” successfully quit. You don’t quite feel like using NRTs (nicotine replacement therapy), so you are thinking about using some alternative aid to help you stop. One of the possible best natural aids is CBD vape.

What is CBD vape?

Unless you have been living on Mars, you have seen/heard/read about CBD. So, you probably know that it is one of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant. CBD does not, however, produce any psychoactive symptoms (highs) as THC does.

CBD vaping is one of the ways to take CBD. By heating the CBD oil extract, you inhale an aerosol (similar to vapor) rich in CBD. The question you might ask is, how might this all help me? How to quit smoking with this CBD vape thing?

The answer to that question has two sides. One is the CBD, and the other is vaping.

So let’s start with the explanation.

Will CBD help me quit smoking?

Nicotine addiction is a real thing. The fact that so many people struggle with quitting smoking is direct proof of this.  One study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine claims that the endocannabinoid (ECB) system “ is implicated in the pathophysiology of addiction, in particular in processes such as drug-seeking behavior, reward, withdrawal, and relapse.”

Smoking and Anxiety

Another important factor in smoking is the experience of stress and the feeling of anxiety. For most smokers, the first response to stress and anxiety is lighting a cigarette. They use it to vent their anxiety, which leads to a psychological addiction as well. Choose something for stress reduction and anxiety regulation can prove extremely helpful when trying to quit.

However, to know the exact effect and the precise dosage of CBD necessary to optimize its addiction regulation, more research is needed. It will hopefully make the answer to the question of how to quit smoking much more straightforward.

How can vaping help me with smoking?

Tobacco smoke contains over 5000 chemicals, of which 98 are hazardous, and over 70 are cancerogenic. Most of these dangerous components are created by combustion. When vaping CBD, nothing is combusted. The natural oil of CBD is turned by heating into an aerosol, which then comes to your lungs by inhalation. By this, you eliminate over 98% of dangerous chemicals. Also, there is no nicotine, which is causing the addiction. Vaping works in similar ways as e-cigarettes, with the main difference is that you don’t have nicotine in the liquid when vaping CBD.

There is no research on CBD vaping effects on smoking cessation, but there is some on the e-cigarettes and quitting smoking. The results on this topic vary significantly.

Most of these studies start with the assumption that nicotine is the only factor causing the addiction. One scientific article by Dr. Buoso proposes that the problem with smoking addiction is not just the nicotine, the habit of smoking, and the slightly less malevolent regard of society on smoking than alcohol and drugs. CBD vape can help you with this by preserving the practice of inhaling while at the same time taking away almost all of the hazards of smoking.

Final thoughts

How to quit smoking? The answer to this question and the struggle to achieve this goal is not a small undertaking. Sometimes, the sheer will and the firm decision and support you receive are not enough. One of the most natural, and as science is strongly suggesting, beneficial aids in your effort is CBD. It lowers your anxiety while decreasing all of the feelings and behaviors associated with addiction, such as drug-seeking behavior, reward, withdrawal, and relapse.

Simultaneously, reducing the anxiety and stress experienced might prove crucial in helping you quit smoking. When combined with vaping, CBD also provides you with the habit of inhaling while taking away all of the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

I hope that you enjoyed this article. Maybe the lines written here will help you get to a place wherein a couple of months when someone asks you, “How to quit smoking?” you will say, “Easy, with CBD vape.”