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Lemon Skunk

Weed is a fantastic plant. It surprises you every day with the things it can do and the many varieties it comes in. From Banana Kush to the Alaskan Thunder fuck, cherry pie, and now, the lemon skunk strain. I mean, what else this plant has to offer. With all the different strains comes different, excellent flavors and textures of the plant. Although most people may differ, we think this is one of the most magnificent plants on earth. The strain was created from varieties with zesty lemon traits to create a fantastic citrus-flavored strain.

Over time, various strains of Marijuana have gained popularity. This is especially so with the legalization of marijuana in several states in the US and several countries worldwide. More people are now enjoying the different strains and receiving the benefits of marijuana.

Although the strain has not yet beaten other competitors such as blue dream and OG kush lemon kush, it’s still a strong competitor.

Growing Lemon Skunk

The growth requirements for lemon skunk may not differ much with other strains, but it has a few unique properties. The strain has moderate difficulty in growing. It grows to a height of more than 78 inches and produces three to six buds. When it comes to flowering, the strain takes seven to nine weeks.

Lemon skunk strain review

Lemon skunk appears as buds that many describe as large and well frosted. The buds are sweet and dense with a unique gooey feel when broken apart. It is famed for having a relaxing effect in addition to giving a euphoric high. Here are a few other effects of lemon skunk, both good and bad.

Great Flavour

Lemon skunk can comes in a great flavor. You get to feel the taste and smell as you blow it out. You will stand out from the rest if you have excellent citrus-flavored lemon skunk strain among your group of friends. The strain comes in three different flavors, namely lemon, citrus, and the iconic skunk.

Happy Feeling

Almost all marijuana strains out there come with the promise of a happy feeling. Each strain to be better than the other gives you the best feeling but let me leave that to you. However, what Lemon skunk strain promises you is a happy, giggly feeling that is not easy to miss.

Energetic feel

Within a few minutes of taking the strain, the effect kicks in, giving you and nice energy boost complemented with a nice energetic buzz. These are great for conversations and having fun with friends. With a few lemon skunk buds, a hangout with friends can turn from a simple hangout to a memorable experience.

Here are a few positive effects of the sweet lemon skunk.


Scientists have long tried to understand how cannabis can aid with various mental issues such as stress and depression. The interest in using cannabis to help with depression has concluded that lemon skunk marijuana contains certain chemicals called endocannabinoids. These are chemicals naturally produced by the body and play a huge role in controlling emotions and behavior. Stress and other mentally straining conditions limit the brain’s ability to produce endocannabinoids. Since cannabis produces these chemicals, it makes perfect sense to do more research on it. If this excites you, you should ensure you understand the recommended dosages and mode of consumption before applying it for this use.

Lemon Skunk After a Long Day

For centuries, weed has been used for pain relief by different communities around the world. Our ancestors used it to relieve toothaches, while medicine men used it as an anesthetic during minor surgeries. Nowadays, patients use medically accepted weed strain available for purchase in areas where it has been legalized. When it comes to lemon skunk marijuana, the case is not different. In areas where there are no legal concerns, people widely use this strain.

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Weed has gained popularity for recreational use, and practice taking marijuana as a great way to relax after a long tiring day. If you would like to take a nap after an exhausting day, the sleepiness that comes after a good session will do the trick. All these thanks to a few compounds found in the herb, the different compounds include Terpenes and Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Since it has its good sides, the Lemon skunk strain has its adverse side effects.

Sleepiness or drowsiness

Feeling sleepy after taking lemon skunk strain is a common occurrence among some users. It is one of its primary uses. However, for new users, feeling sleepy and drowsy may come as a surprise to them, but with time, they get used to it.

Dry Eyes

Although not as bad and common as cottonmouth, dry eyes are a major side effect of smoking marijuana and hence the name lemon skunk. There are several suggestions on why this happens that have been put out there. There are arguments that the smoke from the burning herb irritates the eyes and causes dryness. Other reasons are the reaction of the body to the new chemicals being introduced.

As was the case of saliva production and dry mouth, the introduction of the compounds of cannabis into the body affects some essential functions. The eyes also have glands that ensure constant wetting of the eyes. If the system is interrupted, the eye may tend to get dry. It is, however, easy to deal with dry eyes. You only need to make sure you are well hydrated, avoid excessive e screen time, especially if you will be smoking later in the day, and finally, use home remedies such as cold cucumbers.

Dry Mouth.

Dry mouth has for decades been associated with cannabis. Cannabis users will often experience a reduction in the saliva in the mouth; an effect commonly referred to as cottonmouth. This effect is, however, not as pronounced by taking cannabidiol. Any dry mouth after consuming the oil may be linked to the extract’s result on the salivary glands. To solve it, one can easily rehydrate by taking water.

Feeling Lightheadedness

Feeling lightheaded is often associated with a reduction in blood pressure. For people who may experience it, it will often clear after a short while. If you would like a quick remedy, you could try taking a beverage or some bit of chocolate.

Feeling anxious

There is a large number of users who end up feeling anxious after getting high in weed. The occurrence is not new but is a concern for several people. The main reason for feeling uneasy lies in the brain. A compound, THC, from cannabis binds itself to brain receptors responsible for detecting cannabinoids, altering the release of several chemicals in mind accountable for alertness and heart rate. The sympathetic system in the body might get an override, causing an increase in the heart rate and release of cortisol. The culmination of these effects is observed as anxiety.

What dosage is good?

How much lemon skunk should you take? Well, there is often no set quantity regarding the amount of lemon skunk you should consume. Often people will take less than that taken than other people and feel fine, while others will take a considerably higher amount and feel fine. The important thing is always to get the result you wanted. If the amount you consume gets to the desired high and provides any other desired benefits you wanted, then that’s fine. It is a good idea for most new users to start on small quantities before you can consume more lemon skunk and for more extended periods.

To Conclude

Lemon Skunk is a go-to strain for any user who loves that sweet citrus smell and taste. There are numerous strains out there, but not all will appeal to all users. Different people will have their likes and dislikes. The sweet lemon skunk promises to establish itself in the lives of its lovers.

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