Pineapple Express Strain

Pineapple Express 500mg CBD Vape Cart 1ml packaging

Pineapple Express Strain

Pineapple Express Strain

While the cannabis culture might be one which you would find yourself to be familiar with, it would be quite unlikely that you might have heard about pineapple express strain. Even though it was introduced way back in 2008, you would still find it to be all the rage now. This would be despite the fact that almost a decade has passed. Also, if you would be new to the whole cannabis culture scene, it would be a good idea to know about this particular strain so that you could prevent from making a fool of yourself.

To begin with, we are going to be talking about the reason behind its popularity despite the fact that so much time seems to have passed since its introduction. This would be thanks to the uplifting and energizing high that would help to bring focused and creative energy. It would be for this reason that it has been dubbed to be one of the best strain that you could take when seeking out hidden treasures or going on adventures. According to other users, they would credit it to the sweet taste that would make them feel good about everything in their lives. The best part is that this taste would remain in your mouth even after a couple of hours has passed.

Why people love Pineapple Express Strain?

Regardless of the reasons that would be cited, there would be no denying the fact that pineapple expresswould be a marijuana strain that you would find to be equal parts amazing and well-balanced. Since it would give you a mild high, it would give you the required amount of energy to power through the day without losing your mind.

Pineapple express – what is it?

In technical terms, this would be classified as a sativa dominant hybrid that would be well-balanced, with 40 percent being indica and 60 percent being sativa. Even though you would not be able to find a great portion of indica components in this strain, it would still be able to give you energizing and heady effects.

Other than that, when you would trace its history and origins, you would find it to be mainly dominated by sativa strains in Hawaii. It would be for this reason that majority of the effects that would be experienced from pineapple express weed strainwould be similar to the effects of sativa. Where the THC level is concerned, you would find it within 16-26 percent. As you would be able to understood, the THC level would be quite high. As such, the effects that you would be able to experience would be powerful and strong. In other words, you would not be disappointed with the after-effects that you would be getting.

Does it matter where its being grown?

Where its manufacture is concerned, you would not need to worry about it since it would be completely natural and not part of some government experiment. That being said, it would leave you with tranquility and pureness, while also keeping in mind that new possibilities would be presented to you. Thanks to all this information being provided, pineapple expressis now being considered to be used in medical settings for various symptoms, ailments, and conditions. If the CBD content would be increased, then it could be used to treat individuals with severe medical issues as well.

Flavor, aroma, and appearance

Pineapple Express 500mg CBD Vape Cart 1ml packaging
500mg CBD Pineapple Express Vape Cart

When talking about pineapple express strain review, it would make perfect sense to discuss its different characteristics. For that, we would start off with the aroma. When you would be taking a whiff of it for the first time, you would immediately be able to understand that this would be something completely distinctive and unique, even if you would have no idea about it. Since the dominant aroma would be floral and fruity, you would imagine yourself to be transported in to some tropical heaven, with all your worries and stress melting away. Since the aroma would be delectable and sweet, there would be no way that you would not be enticed by the intoxicating and exotic smell. Thus, you would definitely want to have a taste of it.

The first hit of aroma would probably remind you about tangerines and apples. It would not necessarily remind you of something sweet, but it would definitely be a citrusy and fruity. If you would be an expert, then you would be able to detect a sense of floral smell as well. When inhaling it for the first time, you would be able to experience the fruitiness of pineapple in full force. This would be something which would remain as an after-taste, thus giving your taste buds a tornado of pleasure. Upon breathing out, woodsy and pine tastes would be experienced which would then travel to your nostrils. All this would help to build up a combination that would be both grounding and humbling.

What about appearance?

In terms of appearance, the pineapple express marijuana strainwould slightly resemble an indica, with its buds being densely packed in an exceptional manner. The resemblance to sativa would be something which you would be able to find the way in which the buds have been tapered. All this would definitely help you to see that you would be dealing with a hybrid. As for the smoke and the colors that it would emit, it would mostly be shades of deep and forest green. On certain occasions, you would be able to find burgundy reds and burnt oranges. To witness this, you would need to smoke this weed in chilly climates.

Effects of pineapple express weed strain

Pineapple Express Shatter

When you would be scouring through countless reports, you would find that a lot of them would be making claims that this weed strain would be responsible for making people go crazy and act in an irrational manner. So, rather than falling for these rumors, it would be better to get your facts straight once and for all. In other words, smoking this weed would definitely not make you acting like a fool or become dysfunctional.

In fact, you could be prepared to experience the opposite effects.

This would mean that it would initially begin with cerebral effects and would then continue throughout the rest of your body.

This would undoubtedly fill you up with a blissful and relaxed feeling, with an urge to get on with the rest of your day. Since this would be a hybrid that we would be talking about, you would be able to get a perfect balance. Hence, it would serve as a perfect medium for a creative spirit that would like to get out in to the world and explore all the possibilities, as well as an introverted bookworm who would just like to stay curled up at home and enjoy.

Regardless of what kind of thoughts would be going on in your mind, pineapple express strainwould be able to give you numbing effects. So, any kind of ache or pain that you would be experiencing would go away almost instantly. On the contrary, it would keep your mind concentrated and sharp. It would be for this reason that it would be recommended that you do not smoke before going to work. This is because chances are that you would remain spaced out and slack throughout the entire day. On the other hand, it would be perfect after a long and tiring day, when you would be looking for the perfect way to unwind and relax.

Medical benefits

300mg Pineapple Express CBD Vape Pen
300mg Pineapple Express CBD Vape Pen

Even though this might come as hard to believe, but pineapple express marijuana straincould actually have certain medical benefits, particularly in the case of clinical depression. Thanks to its energizing and uplifting nature, people who would be suffering from depression and feeling hopeless could experience some positive feelings. Smoking this weed could get depressed patients to become excited and motivated to get out in to the world and do their own thing. Since it would calm the mind and bring positive energy, it has been found to be helpful in dealing with PTSD, stress, and anxiety. However, it would be important to bear in mind the consumption limits and only intake an amount which would be suitable. This is because over-consumption could lead to paranoia and the medical condition becoming worsened.

Since smoking pineapple expresscould lead to experiencing numbing effects, it could be helpful for people who would be suffering from chronic and mild pains.

Possible side effects

When comparing it with the other kinds of weed that you would be able to find in the market, the side effects would be considered to be potentially mild. Some of the most common effects would be dehydration, dry eyes, or a dry mouth. As you would be able to understand, all of these would be fairly easy to tackle.

Final words

Hence, that would bring us to the end of pineapple express strain review. In addition to being highly entertaining, we hope that you would find it to be informative and educational as well. Hopefully it would help to answer all the questions that you might have had regarding pineapple express and would allow you to use it in a safe manner.


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