CBD Distillate

CBD Distillate

Growing in popularity, CBD distillate is one of the newcomers to the world of CBD. It is an extract that has been distilled from its plant matter of origin, forming a concentrate of CBD that’s both pure and potent.

The Next Wave of CBD Concentrates

Producing CBD distillate is a more scientific form of creating CBD products, but it offers a dose of pure CBD that would be impossible to find in an CBD drops or oil. The process of creating it is not like previously used methods of creating CBD concentrates, such as alcohol or CO2 extraction. Instead, creating a distillate involves separating and refining things at a molecular level. This means that distillate is a pure form of CBD, even all the way down to the molecular level.

So, what makes distillate a hit among CBD users?

Top three things to love about using CBD distillate:

  • Odorless and tasteless
  • 100% cannabidiol extract
  • Pure and potent

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