500mg CBD Isolate


500mg CBD Isolate

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500mg CBD isolate is the most pure form of CBD you can get. After all, it’s just CBD isolated all by itself, without any of the other cannabinoids found alongside it in the hemp or cannabis family of plants. Without anything else accompanying it, CBD gets a chance to shine and work its powerful plant magic.

500mg CBD Isolate In Its Purest Form

CBD isolate can come in a few different forms, such as powder, crystals, and more. When you mix CBD isolate with natural plant terpenes, it becomes CBD shatter, which is another CBD product entirely. Our CBD isolate tests out at a very high purity — we use only the best for our customers!

One of the main reasons that people love isolate is for the freedom and versatility it provides. You can use it as a base and let your creativity flow freely from there. This pure form of CBD is ready to become whatever you dream up! It can be added to food, mixed into oil to vape, even sprinkled on top of a salad.

We mean it when we say that isolate is an extremely versatile form of CBD! Since it contains no THC, an isolate will provide you all the benefits but none of the high.

Top three things to love about using 500mg CBD isolate:

  • Purest form of CBD (and CBD alone)
  • Versatile — can cook with it or add it to your favorite food or drink!
  • Potent and powerful

TYPE: Sativa

Sativa Strains

As the prohibition against the cannabis falls all over the world, and understanding about its health benefits spreads, demand for different types of weed has grown immensely. Out of two main cannabis sorts: Indica and Sativa, a myriad of their varieties – Hybrids have emerged.

Cannabis Sativa is grown mostly in Sub Tropical parts of the world in Central and South America Africa and South East Asia. It is higher in growth (up to 3.5 meters) and has longer flowering period.

It is generally considered that S. strains create euphoric, energetic and uplifting mood.

This is the case with popular Sativas such as: Trainwreck and Pineapple Express famous for its adrenaline rush, and creativity impulse.

Other S. strains like Green Crack, Durban Poison create uplifting feeling, induce active and extrovert behavior. In a word, S.  strains belong to a group of so called “day time weed” prompting socialization and connectedness. This is the case with some other universally loved Sativa strains such as: ATF, and Sativa Blend.

Knowing the plant background is useful mostly for farmers and scientists, but as consumers it is vise to move forward from Sativa Indica dichotomy. Knowing what to look for in the concrete data about the Cannabis product is much more useful.

Knowing the origin of your strains, their cannabinoids ratio and terpenes content which make a lot of their taste is a good start. Look for your body needs, but also for what you prefer in taste as, in the matters of taste there can be no dispute…

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