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Thanks to the existence of over thousands of different kinds of cannabis that seem to exist in today’s times, it could often become overwhelming and confusing about which kind of weed to choose, especially for medicinal purposes. This would particularly be the case when making a decision between indica or sativa. This is because certain kinds of cannabis would be better suitable for particular kinds of ailments and diseases. It would be for this reason that it would be critical to choose the right strain. This could help to ensure that patients would be receiving the correct treatment.

“I dont understand the difference between Indica and Sativa”

In order to better understand cannabis, it would be a good idea to take a look at the three species that it would be divided in to. These would be sativa, ruderalis, and indica. Ruderalis plants would be quite small which would mean that they would be able to yield a very small amount of medicine. As such, what it would provide would lack potency. It would also be because of this reason that a lot of patients did not seem to take a liking towards it. As a result, ruderalis cannabis would usually be avoided by cultivators and breeders since there does not seem to be a demand for it. The main focus seems to have shifted to sativa and indica strains.

Since these two would be considered to be the most popular, it would be important to highlight the distinctions that seem to exist, both in terms of physiological effects and appearance. Where indica plants are concerned, these would be stocky and short, with its leaves being chunky and broad. As for sativa plants, these would usually be lanky, skinnier, and taller in terms of appearance, with the leaves being pointed and thin.

Indica vs Sativa medical efficacy

However, the most highlighted difference that would exist between these two kinds of species would be in its medical effects, along with the way they would be able to influence productivity and energy levels. When talking about indica, these would usually tend to decrease your level of energy. It would be for this reason that they would be more suited for consumption during the evening or night, when you would be looking to unwind after a long and rough day. If you would manage to get your hands on some highly potent indica strains, then you could even suffer from a condition known as couchlock. This would mean that you would become so relaxed and lazy that you would make no effort to get up from your sofa or couch. When you come to think about it, this would actually be a bad thing at times, particularly if you would have other members living in your house.

On the other hand, when you would take a look at the effects that you would be able to receive from sativa, you would find them to be the exact opposite. In simple words, the effects would be cerebral and uplifting. This would mean that its consumption would result in enhanced productivity and creativity.

What does Indica feels like?

Indica has been known to provide more of a “body high”, whereas sativa would give you more of a “mind high”. However, the sad news is that sativa would take a longer time to grow. Even then, the hard work and patience would not be successful as a very small amount of medicine would be yielded. It would be for this reason that you would find indica strains to dominate the cannabis market since it could be produced in large quantities. Also, since there would be no concern about the health of patients, the dealers and producers could be solely focused on making profit.

However, times seem to have changed in modern times. This is because modern cultivators have taken the step of breeding and growing a diverse range of strains, both within the sativa and indica categories. The main purpose of doing it would be so that the correct medicine could be provided for a patient’s unique combination of lifestyle, preference, and disease. That being said, it would now become possible to provide a cure for literally every kind of disease. This is because there have been numerous cases where patients would have the responsibility of maintaining their job and looking after their family. Since this would be considered to be a huge task, a certain level of energy would also be required for it. As such, the sedative properties which would be provided by majority of indicas would not be suitable. In other cases, patients might have to look for the most potent non-opiate painkiller that could be found in the market. So, when they would be offered the choice of undergoing excruciating pain or numbing it down to a great extent with the help of indica, majority of them would go with the second option. After all, it would seem like an obvious choice. Who in their right mind would be willing to undergo intolerable pain with no idea about when it would die down?

How to choose a right strain at dispensary?

As dispensaries would be well aware of the debate that seems to be undergoing regarding indica or sativa, they would be undertaking immense efforts to make sure that they would be able to grow and provide a large number of strains that would be targeted towards different kinds of ailments. Some of the major conditions in which focus would be placed would be cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, any kind of arthritis, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and other kinds as well. Where specific ailments would be concerned, it has been found that sativa would be more suitable for treating psychological disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression. This would be due to the calming and uplifting effects that it would provide. Indica has been found to be more suitable for inflammation and pain. For this reason, it would be best to treat fibromyalgia, cancer, and any kind of arthritis. However, a problem seems to arise when treating any kind of ailment. Even though the main problem would be identified and a solution derived, treatment would often overlook the other kinds of side effects that would be associated with it. The most common ones would include insomnia and depression. It would be for this reason that a doctor should carefully take in to account the main disease and the related symptoms as well. For this reason, they would most likely prescribe multiple strains that would be built of a combination of hybrid, indica, and sativa.

Whats the best aroma?

The next thing that we would be discussing regarding indica vs. sativa would be its aroma. Indica strains would mostly be skunky, earthy, and musty. As for sativa, they would smell spicy, fruity, or sweet. The difference in aroma that would arise would be the result of terpenes. For those of you who would not have any idea about it, these would be the molecules that would exist in the plant and have been considered to be cousins of CBD and THC. Despite the fact that their odors would not be pleasant at all, their main popularity would be because of the medical efficacy that it would seem to provide.

Determinants of sativa and indica

As has already been pointed above, pungent aromas would be the rest of terpenes, in other words, the special molecules that you would be able to find in the strain. However, the best sativa would be determined by the amount of terpene that would be included in the strain. The most common one, which goes by the name Myrcene, would help patients to deal with conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. Simply put, it would help them to sleep better. If the volume of Myrcene would be more than 0.5%, then the strain would be identified as an indica. On the other hand, if the amount would be less than 0.5%, then it would be labelled as a sativa. 

Final thoughts

Since such vast differences seem to exist between sativa and indica where medical efficacy is concerned, it would be quite normal to say that careful care and consideration would need to be exercised when prescribing it to patients. This would mean that people who would be using medical cannabis in a legal manner should work alongside their dispensary or physician so that they would be able to experiment with the different kinds of strains. This would help them to provide exceptional benefits to other patients suffering from similar or same conditions. The main objective of patients would be to find the best deal for the best strain that would help them to deal with their particular ailment or disease, along with its symptoms. This would also mean that the side effects should definitely be taken in to account. As such, you would be able to understand that this would not be a miracle that would happen overnight but would require months or years of constant hard work and effort. All that being said, the true test of indica or sativa would occur when a patient would use it in their utmost need, for instance during bouts of nausea, insomnia, or pain.



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