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Hello and welcome to our in-depth probe into the desirable and ugly facts about the SFV strain. Find out whether the SFV OG strain is what you are looking for in a joint to light or a commercial bud for indoor and outdoor grow. We have sought the best description from veteran smokers and tallied their opinions on some of the best strains for a smoke and the SFV OG remains a top-notch grade of the marijuana crop that you might want to try out. From effects to fragrance and flavors to medical review and how to cultivate and even the adverse effects that may result from the use of the bud, hers is your usual 360 degrees view of the famous SVF OG strain

SFV OG strain| What is it?

The SFV OG strain is a heavy-duty hybrid that hails from the sunny coast of California where it was first forged by in the fiery labs of the Cali connections farms. Its mother plant OG Kush is a legendary strain you should already know about for its strong punch and numerous instant benefits. On the medical marijuana scene, the SFV OG strain has become an invaluable tool to combat chronic pain and other mental stress-related disorders. The name SVF OG was derived from San Fernando Valley in honor of the cradle for the amazing weed that we all love today.

If you are looking for a sweet bud to keep you sedated for hours while emitting some positive vibes through and through, this is it! 

Appearance and fragrance

This is hands down one of the most fragrant weed strains you will ever encounter. It reeks of a strong lemon pungent scent with deep earthy notes. It has been acclaimed as one of the most enticing and delicious scented weeds strains the world of cannabis has ever produced.

SFV OG Effects

The SFV OG strain has such a bliss element that some veteran smokers will swear it is a sativa dominant plant, but it is Indica just like its mother OG Kush. Moments after burning through your first joint, you will feel happy and confident but for some reason, you will not feel like performing any vigorous activity. It will have you feeling too heavy or too light to move and soon the typical Indica imaginary sleep blanket covers your entire being.

We cover all the important facts of Sativa vs. Indica here!

Even when you are going through hell in the real world, this is the bud that will help you escape to an alternate reality even if only for a few hours. You will move through a range of emotions all of which tend to be positive and euphoric.  A feeling of happiness is familiar, and you might find yourself unable to control mad giggles or ever smiling.

Here are the key positive effects of SFV strain that you can expect after a few hits.

•          Happiness

This bud is a good vibes producer and will have you feeling elated all through the high period. Once the THC hits your bloodstream, you will be feeling weightless and happy for no apparent reason. Users can hardly stop smiling for the rest of the night.

•          Euphoria

Like its mother strain the OG Kush, this bud might leave users with euphoric episodes. Sometimes, they might get ruined by paranoia especially if they go past their THC tolerance level.

•          Uplifting

On a scale of one to ten, most veterans rank the SFV OG strain at seven in terms of positive moods boost after use.  This bud not only takes away your pain but also leaves you with elevated spirits and chatty too.

•          Creativity

A rush of ideas is a typical effect of the Indica high. You can certainly get some mental fuel from this material to finish an art project. For artists, it is advisable to note the ideas somewhere. Just to ensure they don’t get lost.

The strain is well balanced in terms of a high delivery that rarely leaves patients feeling unstable. It is quite potent and can leave patients feeling somewhat dizzy after persistent hits. This is not the case for use as directed by your physician.

Another potential setback with the use of SFV weed is nervousness for those with the condition that predisposes them to nervous attacks. Paranoia is also possible in the event of an overdose.

Medical review of SVF OG weed

The SFV OG strain has proved to be one of the most versatile strains for use in the medical marijuana arena. Patients suffering from chronic pain and stress have significantly benefited from the method of the strain for treating the symptoms for the long-term. It will help deliver instant results the same as with contemporary medicine drugs but without the numerous addiction and toxicity problems associated with the other drugs.

For chronic pains, this bud is a great relief for long time patients as it does not get assimilated by the body thus rendering it ineffective.  The key advantage of using the SFV OG is the relaxation in addition to relieving pain for the patients.

With this bud, patients with depression and related mental problems can feel more relaxed and comfortable. It will fill their minds with happier more positive and self-loving thoughts and enable them to live on.

Another use for the SFV OG weed is for the improvement of appetite for patients with a lack of it. Cancer patients are some of the victims for poor taste due to related meds. Just be sure to provide healthy foods. Snacks can be a bad choice, but the patient may be too sedated to be willing to prepare proper meals. Chemo patients could also benefit from the nutrition derived from marijuana alternative medicine.

Appearance and fragrance

One of the most notable things you are unlike to forget about the SFV OG strain is the strong pungent smell. It has a natural lemon and pine cones aroma that will leave your nostrils bursting with pleasure if you appreciate a pleasant smell of weed. It is a sweet and pungent smell that gives the novice’s smell cells a run for their oxygen as they struggle to decipher what natural components make the unique scent that is reminiscent of a wet forest of pines and lemon orchards.

The buds taste incredibly delicious as with all our top ranking reviews for extraordinary weed. It will leave a permanent mark on your cannabis career by moving the mark on where you place your cutoff for good tasting weed.  After the exhale, the lemony taste lingers on for a bit, and the earthy pine undertones are also quite evident.

How to grow SFV OG weed

The bud is very popular among growers for its incredible ease of cultivation. It is another lucky draw for novice growers and an ace you want to keep if you are a commercial grower.  It will do well indoors and outdoors given a dry and temperate climatic condition. The plant utilizes scarce water supply to grow luxuriously and loathes excess rainfall.

Under ordinary circumstances, the SFV strain will produce about 12 ounces of fresh buds for every square meter that you utilize for indoor growth and roughly the same amount per crop outdoors. Outdoor weather must be dry with only a small rainfall amount to avoid deteriorating the crop harvest.

Flowering will happen around the 8th to the 9th week from planting which is average maturity time.

Final thoughts on SFV OG Weed Strain

In summary, the SFV strains are the bud to go for on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just when you need to bring time to a standstill and enjoy a small infinity of doing nothing. You will undoubtedly have a rush of creative ideas as is typical of the classic Indica. If you are not stuck on an original project or anything, you will not likely have any breakthroughs. But, expect some insanely creative ideas that can help you laugh out loud.

Generally, this strain also packs some serious sedative punch. And, this plant is worth growing for recreational, medical and commercial use. Whatever you want it for, be sure to get the right product and seeds by buying only from the best seed shop and marijuana clinics to have it delivered to your home.

Have or any of your friends handled this bud? If you have, please let us know how it went in the comments section below. We love to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions because together we know more and grow more.


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