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 The Strawberry Banana Marijuana Strain is an Indica dominated hybrid of Bubblegum Strawberry and Banana Kush also known as Strawnana. Today we take a brief look at some of the qualities of Strawberry Banana Marijuana weed strain. And, about the effects that make it so popular as well as some hints on how to cultivate the crop for personal use and commercial purposes. When you read this Strawberry Banana Marijuana Strain review, you will understand what the bud is meant for. This way you can decide if it is what you need, without bias or misinformation common on the web. Get some useful information you would want to know before approaching the strain as a commercial grow or new favorite smoke.

Strawberry Banana Marijuana Strain what is it?

In case you are still wondering what this review is about, we are reviewing a popular marijuana strain with a distinct banana and strawberry flavor and fragrance also known as the Strawnana strain. The plant comes from a cross of banana Kush, and bubblegum strawberry weed done by the DNA Genetics breeders and the Serious Seeds who are both powerhouses in marijuana seeds development. Because of her sweet ancestry, the Strawnana tastes just like it sounds; it is one of the spiciest and most delicious weed strains of recent times that also delivers instant effects with a sense of balance.

Appearance and fragrance of the Strawberry Banana Marijuana Strain

There are very many adjectives to describe this weed bud, but the following should do a pretty good job. Banana, strawberry, candy, fruity, tropical, amazing weed strain with a strong punch which is winning in the frontline of the battle with chronic pain and depression. Its interesting aroma with all clear notes of all said fruits makes it a thrill to roll or place in the chamber before a smoke or vape session.

The smell alone is a mood booster and can get users feeling mellow already. Once the super high from over 25% THC takes over, users get a serious high. The smoking experience is the smoothest ever as the plant will readily combust to produce a dense cloud. Whether you choose to grow your Strawberry Banana Marijuana strain indoors or outdoors will undoubtedly impact the quality and potency of the crop. The weed yields more in an outdoor garden, but on the other hand, it becomes harder to control the weather and be assured of a profitable investment.

Growing Strawnana strain

Indoor grow can give you well over 19 ounces of weed for your enjoyment or serious money in your pocket if you are selling. The fruity Strawnana weed does not lose its sweet scent and flavor with proper curing and can last you an eternity providing relief and joy when life wears you down.

Outdoor grow can reach a staggering 23 ounces for each weed plant in the garden making a bumper harvest a walk in the park. If you are growing for business, this is one crop to consider when you want to laugh all the way to the bank literally.

The flowering of it is slightly delayed for indoor growing, but this weed will only take an average of eight to nine weeks to mature. The plant is relatively easier to grow compared to other strains that are less resistant to diseases. The Strawnana not only repels pests and tolerates diseases but also yields relatively higher THC levels than regular weed. At attention capturing high THC content makes it one of the most sought after strains for medicinal use and even for veteran smokers pure fun.

To the eye, a marijuana garden planted with full-grown Strawnana weed is a beauty to behold with the lush green groove of cannabis plants rising to a 72-inch peak. The bud favors a hot and humid Mediterranean climate which can easily be reproduced indoors in colder parts of the world. A little weed should give you more mileage given the weight it packs. Its the number one economical and profitable weed strain to grow in parts of the country.

Adverse effects

 The extraordinarily high THC levels of the Strawberry Banana Marijuana strain makes it one that also causes the dry mouth and eyes and sometimes even panic if you have had too much.  Most other effects are mild and common to all other weed strains and vary according to the genetic predisposition of the user.

Appearances and flavor

A picture of a tropical climate, such as where the strain would grow best in.

Standing at about 6 feet tall, the Strawnana plant will amaze many with how high it’s willing to get if left to its own devices. Leaves are light green, and pistils are that fiery orange which leaves the buds with little purple tinges.

The whole plant is covered in layers of sticky resin, and you will need a few pairs of scissors to get through harvest. If anything, you know its good weed and the tropical fruity taste will keep you motivated to do the somewhat tedious job of bringing in your bumper harvest.

Most growers of this strain will attest to its ease of growth even for novice ganja farmers. This is so also though it is a THC powerhouse and unlike other plants with the same content, it has the DNA of a winner against mold and disease. It will flourish even with an acute shortage of resources and favorable conditions.

You can expect to see the first flower fully pop by the eighth week, and the entire crop should be ready for the picking by the following weed usually in mid-October. The plant is then to be dried and cured preserving all its natural goodness in those nutrient-rich nuggets that you can’t stop admiring.

Ideally, the mild Mediterranean outdoor climate will do wonders for your Strawnana, but if you can’t have that, then you should repeat it indoors where you can install temperature and humidity control mechanisms.

Medicinal value of Strawnana weed strain

With the serious THC levels of up to 26%, the heavyweight champion Strawberry-banana weed is very potent! Many doctors and patients love it because a small dosage goes a long distance. Additionally, instant relief from many symptoms is a benefit of the weed as it delivers a stronger punch as soon as the second hit.

The bud is a victor and oppressor of pain syndromes like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and shingles. Patients who have had higher doses of pain meds will have a harder time getting any meaningful relief from OTC painkillers.

Medical marijuana and Strawnana strain, in particular, may offer reliable relief from the unrelenting pain for the long term. The advantage of choosing to go organic is that you get to save your organs. The weed has no toxicity compared to chemically manufactured pain meds. Marijuana is addictive if misused but so are powerful opioids used in conventional medicine for pain relief and to even a greater extent.


 The Strawnana is sedating and relaxing weed with a great taste to it. It produces the relaxation effect in only a few moments And, it only takes a few minutes to find yourself fully couch-locked and with a weightlessness sensation. This weed is an excellent pain control solution that also takes away mental stress and worries leaving you feeling blissful and happy.

This bud, like all good weed, will wake the hunger monster and make you virtually insatiable. You will feel ready for infinite snacks. Mostly because you will not be feeling like making a full-course meal once the sedation kicks in. On the plus side, you will then experience a rush of creative ideas for artwork or problem-solving.

Remember to take down your ideas on a piece of paper while the idea generator is still running at full capacity! Why? Because your lights will soon go out as the powerful Indica sleep takes you away to a land of happy thoughts and sweet dreams. People sleep through a hurricane on this stuff. So if you are thinking about driving or doing much else with machinery or ovens, don’t smoke this and do it, it’s that simple.

Final thoughts

This easy to grow cannabis strain is one of the sweetest buds growers can wish for. It is incredibly easy to produce on a less strict caring schedule. Strawnana also produces way more weight than other more difficult to grow weed options. It has a gourmet flavor and extraordinarily high THC level. It is still a wonder how DNA Genetics and Crocket came about this strain. But, it is just a lucky find for anyone who wishes to grow a champion wed strain carefree.

Have you used or grown the Strawnana strain before? Please leave a comment below.

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