Super Sour Diesel

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Super Sour Diesel

Hello and welcome to our Super Sour Diesel Strain review where we look at top qualities of the weed including effects, fragrance, flavors, appearance, medical analysis, and growing techniques for the crop to reach maximum potency. Here is all the information about Super Sour Diesel Strain that you need to know to cultivate and use this strain for what it is meant to be.

Super Sour Diesel Strain, what is it?

You may have heard of the famed Super Sour Diesel Strain of marijuana that is one of the most popular sativa of recent times. It is a tremendous delightful smoke even for seasoned smokers and takes one a small amount of it to get super stoned. Sativa is known to deliver a great punch, and so this is not the weed for novice smokers to mess with carelessly either.

The Super Sour Diesel Strain is a social strain that you can enjoy with friends as it has uplifting effects of sativa giving you a boost of energy and cognition which brings a rush of ideas to mind and a surge of energy wave and then eventually a calm relaxation typical of sativas.

Origin and heritage

The Super Sour Diesel Strain comes from a great heritage too like all the other pedigree weed strains we have reviewed so far. It has a robust and potent sativa history in its veins and has thus risen to fame as an all-time favorite medical marijuana strain and also for a healthy, balanced recreational high. Veteran smokers are the majority of users for this strain as it delivers on the promise of a serious high even for bodies and minds that have slowly gathered tolerance for the drug over the years.

Super Sour Diesel Strain was first invented by a cross between the super silver haze with classic sativa Super Sour Diesel Strain to create on solidly cerebral high inducing racy sativa strain that went on to amaze the world of cannabis users. It is not a walk in the park as it can be slightly destabilizing before you get accustomed to it. So as always, exercise moderation when approaching this new strain.


You will find the Super Sour Diesel Strain to be a very efficient method of delivering joy and mood uplifting for your entire being while enjoying a good smoke. Whether you are looking forward to going out with friends Saturday nights or you want to chill with your tools in the garage, this strain will generate an endless stream of enjoyment for you and your friends. It will keep you excited and focused on the goal and task at hand so that you have more ideas and different perspectives but remain grounded just enough to stay on task.


The best of sativa strains are an instant joy source, and you will generally forget any woes and feel joyous and happy. So whether you are dealing with something depressing or you need some motivation, this is the game-changer for you. You will generally become more talkative depending on your reaction to weed and certainly more sociable. Takes the edge off when you are meeting new people for personal and business purposes or having dinner with family.


Super Sour Diesel Strain is a rejuvenating strain that will help fuel you for many hours of productivity into the night. It keeps you awake and active while giving more ideas to finish your projects way past your bedtime without the usual crushing end that comes with other stimulants like coffee.


Slight episodes of euphoria result with your face likely having a goofy smile for the rest of your day or night. You might experience sudden outbursts of giggles that are mostly inward and barely noticeable and which could be the opportunity to share some creative ideas or funny experiences.


When you need the right fuel for the right reasons to study late into the night, Super Sour Diesel Strain will do you right. It will keep you alert and focused on the task at hand and give you the cognitive boost to complete your study goals with great understanding and enhanced critical thinking.

Adverse effects

As with any proper medication, there are some potential setbacks with using this strain for recreational, occupational or medical purposes.  For the Sour Diesel Strain, these effects are mild. Some rarely occur in a smaller percentage of users that have a low tolerance for sativa strains and susceptibility to the disorders.

Dry eyes occur along with dry mouth especially if you are not properly hydrated and you take higher dosages.

Anxiety and Paranoia are also possible among some users who are prone to such attacks. Perhaps you should check your reaction to super Sour Diesel Strain with a few puffs before you go full throttle. If you take too much of the weed, it can cause you to feel shy and paranoid even if you are unusually okay with sativa highs.  You should understand that this strain delivers quite a punch ordinarily and proceed with caution.

Appearance, flavor, and fragrance of the Super Sour Diesel Strain

The Super Sour Diesel Strain has strong and mostly even fragrance with its distinct and famous diesel aroma derived from its parents and that spicy herb scent too that reminds you of sour notes of sour diesel strain. The whole cocktail of aromas is strongly pungent and noticeable as good weed should be. If you wish to keep your smoking and growing to yourself and not bother the neighbors, you will have to get some odor control measures in place.

The taste of the strain has all the notes of its smell as inherited from the parent diesel plant. It will have a that earthy, skunky and pungent taste that lingers on the tongue on exhale.

Medicinal value of the Super Sour Diesel Strain weed

Due to its exceptional high, the Super Sour Diesel Strain finds application to provide instant relief for people suffering from chronic pain and debilitating stress disorders.

Because of rapid action, both doctors and patients love it. Some patients say it helps with PTSD, ADHD/ADD as it helps patients have a more positive outlook from within. Also generally, it is reported to work even when other strains fail to deliver any desirable outcomes.

Another medical use for the Super Sour Diesel Strain is pain relief and soothing for physical strain. Muscle spasms and headaches are also treatable with this natural painkiller. It is good pain relief without the sedative effects of the Indica strains.

Growing Super Sour Diesel Strain

This is more an indoor grow crop with much higher yields indoors than with exposure to the elements. It requires moderate skill and attention to grow successfully to maturity and with good potency indoors. The flower is covered in crystalline forms that add to the beauty of the scene and yields are average.

The flowering time depends on where you choose to grow your Super Sour Diesel Strain weed. On average, it will take you about ten weeks before you can harvest your fully mature weed from the indoor or outdoor grow. You can expect to fetch about 11 ounces per square foot of indoor growing space.

Be sure to get the right seeds, or you might end up with a mixture of ill-bred unworthy weed plants that might turn out to be a complete waste of time.

Like most other odor crops. This plant requires plenty of sun and hydration and moderately warm temperatures to do well. The smell is quite pungent, and you might have to install exhaust fans to control it.

 Final thoughts on the use of marijuana

If you need some inspiration and rejuvenation for a project of yours, this is as good a pot as any to smoke right before. When taken with caution, the Super Sour Diesel Strain can be useful on many occasions without much of the adverse effects of marijuana. If you are new to weed and this strain, in particular, be sure to consult your doctor first before starting. Using marijuana for whatever reason is always your discretion, and you should only do so at your own risk. Despite the disclaimer, using this product should be okay for most people who have had experience with weed of sativa dominant type before.

Have you or any of your friends who stone encountered the Super Sour Diesel Strain marijuana strain? If so do tell us of your experiences with this pot, we do love to hear your feedback and our readership also benefits much from firsthand information on what to expect with every strain. Perhaps after reading, you’d like to learn more about CBD!


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