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Tangie Strain

You may have heard of the award-winning hybrid of the California orange and Skunk #1 strains called Tangie. Today, we take a detailed look at identifying, using, and cultivating the Tangie weed strain. Also, watch out for positive and some potential setbacks of using and growing this strain so that you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need before approaching Tangie.

What is the Tangie Strain?

Tangie is perhaps best known for the orangey taste of the California orange from which it is derived. It has risen in popularity worldwide, including California and Colorado, and parts of Arizona. It has this distinctive citrus taste and smells with a tropical twist to the flavor since California orange is one of the parents. Tangie comes from a long line of winners, and it is no wonder that it is also leaving a mark in the cannabis world arena.


As you might have guessed from the parent’s background and naming, the Tangie strain was first coined in California way back in the 70s, which means it had to survive the vicious Reagan’s war on marijuana and other drugs in the 80s. After a long exile in Amsterdam, the weed capital of the world, it returned to the west coast and was a hit again.

Skunk #1 adds the Indica characteristics of the strain and is dominated by the California Orange strain, which brings in most sativa effects. Tangie is a tribute to another legendary strain called the Tangerine Dream Strain because they have a similar sweet and sour taste.

Appearance, smell, and flavors

You will know it is tangie because it grows to a medium height of 50 inches at maturity and shoots off that unforgettable pungency. It has medium green leaves and a significant number of the fiery orange pistils covering them. This is crowned with white hairy trichomes that hold large quantities of THC, terpenoids, and other beneficial compounds.

Taste-wise, the Tangie strain will be a thriller for your first time with an orange-like juicy taste with highlights of the sour and the sweet of the strains combined. It has a 22 THC percentage, which is pretty impressive for the multiple award winner of over ten cups in the same year.

Once you learn its smell by heart, you will be in a position to pick it out from a crowd like a pro. The smell perhaps best prepares you for the sweet and sour orangey taste with hints of green pine, which can be overwhelming at times. The weed feeling is a nerve-racking experience that will leave the tongue and airways throbbing with excitement.

How to Grow Tangie Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

A combination of California orange and Skunk #1 weed makes Tangie a mold and mite and nearly all pests of any kind resistant crop that you can quickly grow with limited resources and experience. It is not the easiest strain to cultivate, yet it requires only moderate skill and competence to grow organically. With ample indoor space and all the conducive elements plus a couple of hours daily, you can produce enough weed stash to last you through an apocalypse. It also makes business sense to grow Tangie as it will appreciate nine out of ten of the times regardless of the conditions of growth.

Indoor vs. outdoor grow

This crop does well indoors and outdoors, with outdoor cultivation yielding much less than indoor. It’s given that the greenhouse has ample space and resources for conducive growth. Indoors can reach twenty ounces per square meter, while outdoor growth can produce as much from a single plant.

Within 9 to 10 weeks, you can expect your Tangie weed to flower and mature ready for a bumper harvest. Tangie is a good weed for growing since it gives a literal fruitful harvest.

The Tangie strain is one of the auto-flowering strains of marijuana that grows to a medium 50 inches and therefore still suitable for indoor growth.

Whether you are growing your Tangie weed from seeds or cuttings, you will need lots of sunlight to reach the crop’s full potency. For indoor growing, you might need to master the screen of green growing techniques to maximize the plant’s surface that gets some insolation or indoor lighting. With lots of light, your crop will be much healthier and reaching its full potential.

You can also use soil or hydroponics, but the strain always favors good soil growth over the hydroponics. It also has a high affinity for a good fertilizer since soil cannot be bone dry without some edible goodies for your herbs.


The Tangie strain will give some rather stimulating effects since it comes from the family’s Sativa side with an element of Indica. Therefore, it is suited for use among patients with ADD, ADHD, Nausea, and lack of appetite conditions, and occasionally it is administered for pain and chronic stress.

Medical review of the tangie strain

With an elusive amount of CBD and a staggering 22% percent average CBD, the Tangie strain can simulate a mind giving you some energetic moments of euphoria. That owes to its Sativa nature, and it is undoubtedly useful in treating depression. It lacks in a sedative element of some other weed strains and will usually worsen anxiety and nervousness.

Often administered for pain and inflammation, the Tangie strain is capable of anti-inflammatory effects. This is thanks to the combination of THC, CBD, and other terpenes that offer a wide range of therapeutic outcomes for your body.

Nausea can be a result of cancer treatments and other causes. Tangie is an effective treatment of such chronic conditions without making users lazy and lethargic.

Potential adverse effects of the Tangie weed strain

Typical of most weed strains, Tangie also produces the medical condition of dry mouth, which can cause rapid deterioration of oral health. But again, that is not much a problem a glass of water or two can’t handle. As a matter of fact, you can use any other refreshments, just not alcohol, as the combination can be severely toxic.

When you are using Tangie marijuana under prescription, you are unlikely to experience any adverse side effects. The quantities are measured out carefully to balance the outcomes. However, there are instances when persons will experience the attacks. Especially those with low tolerance and higher susceptibility to panic attacks or paranoia – so, be careful!

When considering whether to wake and bake Tangie, it is essential to understand that heavy machinery operating is not advisable under any form of medication that alters your nervous system. A doctor’s prescription is necessary for certainty when you want to enhance your capability at work. Remember – we react differently to the same substances. So, start with baby steps if you are using without a prescription, which we do not recommend. Depending on your line of work, you might get some useful nitrous to burn through the day. But, at times, you might get too relaxed even to move. This may be strange, as the tangie weed does not have any prominent sedative effects.

Final thoughts on tangie weed strain

When you need some inspiration and rejuvenation to complete a task, this strain’s got your back. The classic Sativa high with a buzz that you get from Tangie will do the trick. Whether it’s the effects of the citrus smell and sweet-sour taste you first fall in love with, you will surely want to put some of this pot away for a rainy day. For some, it may have slight couch-lock effects and overstimulation. But mostly, you can go to town on your creative projects if you get past the blissful feeling.

Tangie weed is great to enjoy with your buddies as you share some creative ideas and possibilities. It will increase romance and spice up a relationship or a family get-together with everyone coming to dinner.

If you choose to grow your Tangie weed, the Yummy citrusy smell will be a pleasant scent in your garden. It is unlikely to fly under the neighbors’ radar and make sure they are cool with it. The high and mellow will make this strain a favorite for your customer base, too, if that is your business.

Other than extreme giggles and mild euphoria, there are minimal adverse effects of smoking and using this strain of weed. As always, remember to consult your doctor about the impact this might have on you. So much depends on your medical history and any other medication you might be using. We hope you found this article informative and entertaining.

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