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Perhaps you have heard of the Trainwreck weed strain, and you love to grow and smoke marijuana? Or are you looking for a new crop for your commercial growing enterprise? Whichever the case – it’s your lucky day! Well, because we have all the info about the appearance, cultivation, and usage of the Train wreck weed strain! So, you don’t have to do all the legwork by yourself. Ultimately the use of this information and marijuana, a potential cause of legal strife in some states, is entirely up to you. That said and without further ado, let’s jump in. Let’s discover why Trainwreck makes it such a disaster weed to smoke, time to feed the curiosity.

What is Trainwreck?

The Trainwreck strain is a marijuana variant that leans towards the sativa dominance side and some unique Indica like properties. The go-to weed for a cleaner mental high with the rest of the body in deep relaxation as though under a gentle massage. The ease and sharp mental focus can help loosen up before a brain-intensive project creativity problem-solving session.

The Trainwreck is best known for causing a sharp euphoric high to make any novice smoker sedated and barely move after a few hits. It is fast, potent, and efficient so that a little pot goes a long way. Here is more Trainwreck info that will make you understand just what we are talking about here.  So here we have a sativa bud that actually stimulates but keeps you physically at ease. The perfect blend of sativa dominance and Indica properties for maximum benefits in terms of body relaxation and being able to unwind, relax, and enjoy. So how come that Trainwreck weed strain was named thus opposite to its effects? More on that shortly as we take a brief look at the history of this bud

Origin and history of the Trainwreck weed strain

This is yet another strain that does not get named after its effects but rather after its birth circumstances. Like most essential discoveries in history, this one was also born in a disaster in the making. The story is such as the one you would typically put in a movie as growers had to move their crop by uprooting and replanting to avoid detection after a train derailed in the vicinity of their farm. It should be noted that it was illegal to grow any weed at the time in California. So to commemorate this hardship, inventors of the Trainwreck weed strain named it like so.

Genetically, the Trainwreck weed strain can be reconstructed by crossing a Mexican and Thai sativa with Afghani Indica. The offspring became a unique sativa dominant weed with some serious Indica couch-lock effects. The weed is thus not only a good mood uplifting strain but also an excellent physical sedative.

Effects of the Trainwreck weed strain

This bud will give a mellow high that can be very well balanced between the uplifting effects and the sedation. It generally makes users happy and euphoric almost as soon as you hit the second puff. The strain slows downtime and is perfect for smoking on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Or pretty much any other day when you have a lot of nothing to be done. It can be a little bumpy with a severe cerebral high for first-time use. But just like a plane during takeoff, the ascent comes to pass, and the high levels out for the next several hours.

The bud is known for its mind-bending capabilities, being a reliable source of untold joy and a rush of ideas and inspiration. Generally, it feels fuzzy and blissful, relieving all anxiety and allowing for precise focus on creative projects. Even when you want to hang out with friends, you will find it irresistible to discuss some inspirational new ideas.

THC Content

A little of the Trainwreck weed strain goes a long way, and therefore we advise that you consider moderation when attempting to get high on this for the first time. This bud’s THC content is on average above 20%, and that is some densely packed weight for a proper punch.

Just the same, don’t let the name fool you; the train wreck is a gentle one as it will soothe and caress you to a trance-like state of relaxation for the body and mind. It will slow down most other processes and dedicate all your processing power to deep thinking on the task while motivating with a constant feeling of joy and positive moods.

As with any drug, there are ways in which the Train wreck weed strain can impact the body with unwanted effects. Most of these are mild and familiar to most weed strains and also pretty easy to manage. For instance, the classic cottonmouth and dry eyes can be a source of irritation for users who forget to hydrate properly.

Watch for these effects.

Another bother with train wreck weed strain is the hints of anxiety that might arise from overstimulation for people who are already diagnosed or prone to weed-related anxiety. The herb reacts differently for different people, and for some, it doesn’t have a calming sensation. Other problems include confusion due to overstimulation of the brain, especially when the user overdoses. At times, dizziness and an unpleasant feeling may result when your body rejects the weed for some reason.

Potent weed like this can also cause paranoia in some people, which can be one unwelcome unpleasant experience for novice users. It might take some getting used to, but if this persists, you can move on to discover other strains that are better suited for your unique body.

Appearance, fragrance, and taste

This is one of the dank varieties of weed that you can’t keep hidden unless you vacuum seal it or put it in an airtight jar. It has a strong aroma that sticks to every surface in the room and is very noticeable by veterans and nonusers. It smells like walking through a pine forest with hints of cedar and citrusy undertones. The fragrant experience is one of the most joyous experiences a weed enthusiast can ask for.

The herbs then burn smooth and easy, producing a dense cloud that threatens to burst the lungs. It will taste like pine needles on fire, and the exhales bring on a lemon taste, and the pungency takes over. It also features a unique spicy flavor that makes the whole smoking experience more worthwhile.


This makes it one of the easiest crops to grow anywhere outdoors and indoors. You will need to put some muscle into the trimming to keep its height under control for indoor growing. While growing indoors, the crop enjoys warmer frost-free conditions and matures sooner. The plant prefers warmer weather with enough hours of sunlight for maximum potency and higher yields on the outdoor scene.

It flowers in a mere eight weeks up to ten weeks at the latest. It also produces a high yield of about 18 ounces per square meter and about the same weight per plant outdoors. However, growing out becomes tricky because the plant is likely to mature later. Consequently, it faces a whole new set of challenges, including pest and airborne diseases. The sole advantage of growing outdoors is the increased yield potential of up to 25 ounces per plant.

Final thoughts on growing and use of Train wreck weed

This bud is a winner as it does not have any severe adverse effects to date and still offers some excellent recreational users fun. A powerful relaxant packing a horde of other useful effects.

It may not have been the easiest grow for the original inventors of the crop back in the day, but Train wreck weed is a tolerant crop that produces quite the bumper harvest with minimal care. The indoor Screen of Green (SCROG) or the Sea of Green (SOG) growing techniques will help boost your outcomes. This crop makes business sense given the smooth growth and rapid maturity with high yield for an eagerly awaiting market. This is one of the weed strains that every marijuana clinic wants to be stocked on its shelves owing to the high demand and versatility of use.

Do you have any previous experience with Train wreck weed? What is your story with this or other marijuana strains? Please let us know any interesting facts or stories you might have regarding the cultivation and use of the Trainwreck strain. Best of luck!

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