By mixing two main sorts of cannabis numerous hybrid strains have been created. This ensured a more balanced and precise effect of the plants for the consumers, but also to better the farming efficiency.

For this reason, knowing exactly what you want from your weed means a lot. In fact, most of the strains in the market today are hybrids. Many of the commercial hybrids are marked as Indica or Sativa dominated, indicating that they carry the majority characteristics of dominant sort and less of the secondary one.

Indica dominated strains like Sunset Sherbet gives intense full-body effect, followed by euphoria.

Others like GG #4 – an award-winning Indica dominated hybrid will bring full-body relaxation. Strawberry scented Strawnana has been proven as superb help in pain management. Gelato strain and sweet-sour, earthy flavored Cherry Pie both slightly Indica dominated bring deep calm adding just a bit of mild euphoria.

On the other side, potent Sativa-dominant hybrids like Super Lemon Haze, Goji OG or Super Sour Diesel are excellent choices for day time use, extremely efficient for mood enhancement and as antidepressants.

Powerful Lemon Skunk Sativa dominated hybrid is great for the treatment of depression and chronic pain. Others, like WiFi OG, SVF OG, or Tangie are superb incentives of creativity with a clear head, focus coupled with abundant energy flow.

It is important to remember that each hybrid strain has a slightly different constituent ratio. For this reason, it delivers slightly different effects, depending also on a person’s individual biochemistry.

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