What is CBD oil used for?

CBD oil use

What is CBD oil used for?

What is CBD oil used for?

You may have come across numerous mentions of CBD and other cannabinoids as being a healthy choices for managing medical health issues and boosting overall mental and bodily health. Today we will ascertain the truths about the use and effects of Cannabidiol cannabis extract oil so you can choose whether to use or not to use based on factual information. 

CBD alternative medicine

With modern medicine often unable to cure chronic diseases and pains, is CBD the amicable solution? Pay close attention to the following and you will decide for yourself. We will discuss at length some of the common uses for which people are applying Cannabidiol marijuana extract. Other than the purpose we take a quick highlight of the merits and potential dangers of using CBD.

Modern medicine may not be the answer to all medical conditions but it is rare for doctors to accept defeat. They often offer ineffective solutions with well-known adverse side effects than worse the general health of the patient and interfere with happiness. It is no wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative traditional medicine systems based on herbal cures for treating chronic conditions. These offer quick and effective relief to pain and help alleviate other symptoms without weighing on the liver and other organs. 

Natural as they are, substances like cannabinoids resemble substances that the body is able to produce on its own. Since they are not perceived as foreign material to the body, it becomes easier for them to ‘fix’ issues and stimulate natural healing and restoration. This property of cures such as CBD is one strong reason for dumping artificial and toxic drugs for long term treatment benefits.

Main reason why you should try CBD

One reason why use of cannabis for medical applications is catching on is its sustainability as a source of treatment for the long term. This is not without the usual stigma that is associated with users of plants such as cannabis. While it’s not disputable that a majority of users are cloud chasers and vaping enthusiasts, there are still a good number of users out there who use cannabis and its derivative for purely medicinal purposes. I make life bearable for some while keeping the doctor away for various conditions like chronic pain.

 Cannabis might be still a controversial plant due to its high but any scientist how has done the work will confirm that it is the single most powerful herb for healing and pain relief. It contains a myriad of compounds like CBD, THC, terpenes among other useful vitamins that work together synergetically to boost bodily and mental health. Thanks to modern day science, manufacturers can now separately distill compounds of the whole herb to be left with only the desired healing effect. CBD is considered the clean part of the plant since it can be isolated from the plant with only traces of THC which is the main psychoactive element. As such, CBD does not alter your mind and is healthy as far as behavioral psychology is concerned.

So what makes CBD a wonder cure?

So now that you have a hint that CBD could be the miracle healer you have been searching for all along, let’s make sure you are using it for the right reasons. Below are a number of uses that have been reported to be effective use of the extract among users.

Cbd oil for pain

People recovering from a painful injury and other chronic pain conditions like arthritis can benefit from the natural analgesic properties of weed. Because smoking is harmful and getting high before work is not a viable option for most people, CBD is the clean cure that can help improve the quality of life for patients. CBD does have side effects of prolonged of abusive use but they are far diminished by the adverse effects of using strong OTC pain relievers that are toxic to the liver.

Cbd oil for anxiety and depression

Most people who weed, do so to treat for anxiety and sometimes even to prevent full blown depression. CBD has antidepressant properties and marijuana doctors will prescribe a specific strain for stress and anxiety. If it is just for a time, the drug can be effective to alleviate stress and prevent the patient from going into depression. The downside to marijuana use for this effect is severe addiction. On the bright side, CBD is far less addictive as the whole plant even though it can have the same effect of uplifting moods.

Prevents growth and development of cancers

 No, this is not the much sort after cure for cancer; so far no research has been able to prove that. But it does inhibit growth and spread of malignant cells causing cancer. Use of this extract can prevent relapse of the disease in the future. Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the harder bitter pills to swallow and while search for cures might turn desperate, CBD is one drug that actually helps.

Acne treatments

CBD oil is sometimes applied topically on affected skin for its anti-acne properties. Acne can be painful and a cause of embarrassment. Artificial solutions that work best for acne patients often weaken and injure skin. CBD on the other hand, provide a natural stimulation for proper healing and healthy skin growth. A dermatologist is best suited to determine what skin type are a suitable candidate for treatment with CBD and other organic oils.

Improvement of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder patients benefit from the extract helping them cope and adjust to their regular lives. Cannabidiol will help you and your loved one sleep better nights and remain calm and composed even if you have seen the worst nightmare come to pass.

Sleep disorders

CBD users experience a level of drowsiness on high use and it can thus help calm you down and sleep soundly. Sleep induction is not for every strain of the plant. Just the same, people with trouble sleeping ought to try this organic solution before artificial sleep inducers.

Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases 

Research is currently underway with indications that the use of CBD benefits people with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers disease. It reduces the rate of destruction of neurological connections while stimulating healthy ones. Cannabinoids are generally known for their effectiveness in altering the functions of the brain but CBD or hemp oil is not mind altering.

Reduce epileptic seizures

For people living with epilepsy, any form of relief that can lessen the likelihood of an attack is welcome. Even though it’s not without its side effects, marijuana as a whole is capable of inducing a level of calm and prevent the likelihood of an epileptic attack. Studies are underway to develop new drugs for the common disorder from the plant without these side effects. CBD is the interim solution that many doctors are offering their patients in the meantime.

Is CBD safe for use?

Cannabidiol is tested and proved to be a safe drug for use for most people. Without the high, you can expect to do most of your daily routines without posing a risk to yourself and others nearby. In that sense, CBD can be termed as safe for use based on statistics drawn from previous users who chose to go on record.

However, the long term effects of using CBD remain unknown to science as studies are still underway. There is an inherent risk of addiction and the effects of consuming thinners included in commercial oils could be harmful with long-term use. Perhaps the best way to tell if CBD is the real deal for you is to consult with your physician who understands your medical history.

Ending thoughts on CBD use, advantages and disadvantages

While CBD is still categorized in the same class as other illicit drugs in most states, it is cleaner and beneficial for health than most recreational drugs. It has a good number of uses and misuses as with any other drug and might lead to adverse side effects. These range from mild sensations to serious health and lifestyle implications arising from wrongful use and overdosing on CBD. Just the same, the negative bits don’t outweigh the positive. In fact, thousands of people around the globe have reclaimed their health and happiness with the use of CBD.

As with any other drug, you should only use CBD for the right reasons. If possible, get a prescription from a qualified marijuana doctor for your specific symptoms. Also, take time to scrutinize the negative effects of the substance and decide if you can live with it. With the information available above maybe you get more reason to go green or maybe not. Whichever you choose there are merits and demerits. 

Do you or anyone in your life use or have used CBD oil benefits for pain before? Feel free to share your thoughts and stories below. Also, you might think of another use for CBD we left out, share your knowledge much to the benefit of other users and aspiring users.



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