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Why Vaping Offers The Highest CBD Bioavailability

Why Vaping Offers The Highest CBD Bioavailability

When looking for the best CBD consumption method, there is a term you can’t miss; bioavailability.

Manufacturers will tell you to pick their CBD product because it offers the highest bioavailability.

But what exactly is bioavailability? Which CBD consumption method offers the highest bioavailability, and why?

For a detailed answer, keep reading on!

What Is Bioavailability?

What the heck does the term bioavailability even mean?

Although you have probably heard the term bioavailability with cannabis use, it’s not specific to CBD and other cannabinoids only.

It’s a scientific name used to describe the availability of all compounds and drugs to the body’s cells.

In other words, the compounds or drugs you consume are not utilized by the body wholly. CBD bioavailability refers to the ratio of the cannabinoid that gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

CBD bioavailability differs depending on potency as well as the consumption method.
This brings us to our next point of discussion;

Is There A Best Way To Take CBD?

Before delving deeper into this topic, perhaps we should answer this question;

Why Does CBD Bioavailability Matters?

Everyone is talking about CBD bioavailability, why is it so important?

Several factors determine the best CBD product; how many cannabinoids and terpenes your product has? What’s the concentration of CBD? Will I benefit from the entourage effect?

But bioavailability is perhaps the most crucial consideration when it comes to all forms of CBD.

Simply put, the higher the bioavailability, the better since it means you will use less of the compound to experience the desired results.

CBD Consumption Method With the Highest Bioavailability

When looking for the highest bioavailability, intravenous CBD application comes to mind.

This method is said to deliver 100% of CBD into your body since the compound is injected directly into your bloodstream via the veins.

Still, it’s not the most popular CBD administration method. Why?

Not everyone fancies the idea of sticking themselves with needles whenever they want to get a dose of CBD.
This is where CBD vaping comes in as an alternative.

In the following section, we will look at why vaping CBD offers the highest bioavailability as we compare it to other popular CBD consumption methods.

Vaping Offers the Highest Bioavailability

Vaping is one of the popular ways of consuming CBD, and for a reason; it involves inhaling the compound directly into the lungs using a vaporizer.

Unlike other CBD consumption methods such as oral, vaping delivers CBD directly into your bloodstream via the lungs.

This means two things; instant results and high bioavailability.

When ingested, CBD has to be broken down through digestion before it can get into the bloodstream. This means very little of the compound is available for use by the body cells.

This is not the case with vaping since the compound goes directly into the bloodstream and target cells without going through the digestive system.

Several studies have shown that vaporizing Cannabidiol can achieve absorption rates of up to 34 to 46%.
Other studies have recorded bioavailability of up to 56%.

This may not look much at the moment, but wait until we have looked at bioavailability offered by other forms of CBD such as edibles, and this will make more sense.

Also, vaping CBD involves relatively low temperatures of between 160-180°C, and the vapor doesn’t have impurities such as tar. This makes vaping a safe CBD consumption method.

However, these are not the only things that make vaping a favorite option for many; vape pens make it easy to dose on CBD; they are discrete and easy to carry around.

What about having some fun while at it? Most vape devices allow you to customize your vaping experience and determine how you want to feel the hit.

Bioavailability of Oral CBD

Oral CBD consumption involves consuming the cannabinoid through your mouth in the form of edibles, beverages, and capsules.

When ingested, CBD takes the longest time to get into your bloodstream.

This is because the compound has to go through your digestive and metabolic systems. A lot of CBD is lost during these processes, and that’s why CBD oral ingestion offers the lowest bioavailability.

In an old study, the bioavailability of oral CBD was reported at 6%. In another study, it was reported at between 4-20%.

Let’s even be more optimistic and take it at 20%. It means that, if your edible has 50mg of CBD, your body will utilize only about 10mg of the compound.

Yes, we expect some CBD to be lost, but up to 80%? And this is the best-case scenario?!

But it’s not all doom and gloomy for oral CBD consumption! Edibles offer the most long-lasting effects, and well, some forms of edibles such as CBD gummies provide a sweet way to get your daily CBD dosage. And they are also portable and discrete.

Sublingual CBD Consumption

This involves placing CBD oil under your tongue. Consumed this way, CBD is directly absorbed by blood capillaries found under the tongue.

Because the compound doesn’t have to go through the digestive tract to reach target cells, sublingual CBD consumption has a higher bioavailability than edibles.

CBD tinctures, CBD sprays, and CBD lozenges are some of the most common forms of CBD sublingual consumption methods.

Studies have indicated its bioavailability to be between 12% and 35%, making it the best consumption method after vaping.

However, some people dislike the taste of raw CBD oil in their mouths.
Still, our CBD vape oil comes in an MCT base, giving you the flexibility to switch between vaping and sublingual use.

It’s Not All About Bioavailability

While bioavailability is a vital factor to consider when looking for the best form of CBD, it’s crucial to note that your choice should also depend on other factors, such as why you’re using CBD.

For instance, while vaping has the highest bioavailability, it may not be the ideal option when looking for topical effects.

This is because some forms of CBD, such as topicals are applied directly to the affected area and offer direct and targeted aid.

CBD Consumption Method With The Highest Bioavailability- Take Away

Most people use CBD for help with physical and mood discomfort symptoms such as stress and anxiety.

You, therefore, need a consumption method that will not only take the least time to deliver the compound into your endocannabinoid system but also one that will provide most of CBD into your bloodstream.

If you’re looking for the highest CBD bioavailability, vaping takes the day.
When inhaled, CBD goes directly to the bloodstream through your lungs. It’s not broken down by digestive enzymes, meaning most of it gets utilized by the body.

Vaping is also discrete and portable, hence suitable for the on-the-go user.

Other CBD consumption methods such as edibles have a low bioavailability since the compound has to be digested first before it can get used by the body.

Whatever form of CBD that you choose, make sure to go for high-quality products from reputable and licensed sellers.

If you’re looking for best CBD vape pens, vape oils, or just vaping guidance, we are here to help.