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Today we get to take a closer look at White Fire OG strain information, otherwise known as WIFI OG. It is a well-renowned brand for its higher powers and increased potency that is quite the force to reckon with. For non-experienced users, WIFI weed strain is not to play with right off the bat because of its amazingly high THC levels.

The white fire OG phenomenon is catching on among growers like a wildfire, uncontrollable. Not that cannabis growers love the term fire or an uncontrollable wild one, for that matter, but that is just what it is. It has a super high with up to a vast 28% THC ceiling. Hence, making it a gold mine for growers and the Holy Grail for medical marijuana patients.

Origin and history

The WIFI OG is a stable mega strain created by mixing a White and Fire OG creating an enormous high. It is usually causing tension with enjoyable cerebral excitation and stimulation of the mental processes.  It is a must-have for clinics across the country, and patients love the potent strain since a little gives more mileage.

The strain presents a legendary KO punch and is no toy for novices to mess with. Even veterans will have a hard time pushing the limits on this baby. The energy surge alone is overwhelming if taken in larger quantities. Here are some effects of the WIFI OG strain.


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The bud delivers a quick and pure mental high, generating internal happiness and relaxation. Mostly, patients will develop unexplainable happiness, and lightness often bursting out in laughter at the slightest provocation. The WiFi weed strain makes you feel calm as all your worries disappear into thin air. The strain is loved for maintaining this delicate balance between a quiet mind and focus without losing the energy and motivation to complete tasks at hand.

Feelings of euphoria are undeniable among users where one might find some sudden outburst or mad giggle irresistible. The bud contains a high-level bliss molecule that will produce some happy thoughts all through. Offering full-body relaxation, this weed will fill users with only delighted ideas making life more bearable for those going through a rough patch.

WiFi OG Effects

If you are an art student or master, this strain will align well with your career as it generates a rush of creative ideas as soon as the classic high kicks in. You might want to integrate these ideas into your creative work or write them down if you get off your high horse and forget. This bud keeps artists inspired and uplifted while not robbing them of their concentration and focus on the project at hand. It increases your brain’s reward for getting the work done and therefore keeps you productive for the rest of the night or day.

Whether you want to bake early in the morning, midday, or later in the evening, it is time to go to town with this sweet bud in your pipe. Just not ideal for taking before bedtime if you do not wish to stay alert for most of the night.

Appearance and fragrance of the WIFI OG strain

This lush green strain of weed can stretch and give quite the scene when grown outdoors. The groove reeks of the big diesel and pepper aroma that also reminds me of the fresh pine. The woody scent is a mark of quality in the marijuana world, and this particular strain has a sticky one that will cling onto the drapery and walls of a room long after a single smoke.  Odor control measures will ensure that you are all set to begin your secret stoning session if you wish to fly under the radar.

The WIFI OG strain’s unique flavor is pepper and diesel, which was introduced adequately by the aroma. The taste is just as intense an experience as the aroma and lingers on in the tongue long after the exhale than usual. Hints of pine and a horde of other sweet natural undertones will spice up the whole smoking experience giving you a good bang for your buck.

Negative effects of WIFI OG weed

WIFI OG 500mg CBD Vape Cart 1ml packaging

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Other than the nearly standard set of symptoms for strong weed like cottonmouth and dry eyes, there are no other significant health problems that are likely to result from the use of white fire strain. There is always a particular group of people who experience paranoia from substantial THC levels beyond their threshold. If you are a novice, exercise moderation while approaching this bud for enjoyment. Otherwise, your doctor should know the right amount to prescribe for the case of medicinal use.

If you are unsure of the reaction, this bud might have on your system, stay away if you have any essential activities scheduled for the day. You might also experience dizziness for a few moments without the course of your high, and therefore you should not drive or operate machinery under this medication.

What to Expect?

Under rare circumstances, this bud could cause anxiety to be heightened if the patient overdoses. Other than that, some people are naturally prone to fear and paranoia when they smoke weed.

Growing your White Fire Strain weed

WIF OG does well both outdoors and indoors, given the right conditions for luxurious growth. If you choose to grow indoors, you should be conscious of the vertical allowance you have in your growing space, as the plant can grow taller than other weed species on average.

Acidic environment and warmth plus sunlight are the WIFI weed strains best friends when growing up. Indoor growers will have to wait a week longer than outdoor growers, who will generally have the crop ready around October after about 9 to 10 weeks of growth.

The crop is a bit selective regarding optimal conditions for growth. It thus favors indoor growers who can effectively control day and night temperature to the warm setting ideal for a generous harvest. The cash crop can yield roughly 21 ounces per meter squared of indoor growing space. And about 18 ounces for every plant you grow outside.

Social or Sedative?

Even though the WIFI weed strain variant is an Indica dominant strain, it has a severe cerebral high that also offers an energy boost and mental focus rather than deep sedation. This means that along with the sedative effects of Indica, you can still manage through the day without much sleepiness. It is a social Indica that you can share with your friends on a lazy afternoon as you kill time and discuss creative ideas if you are using the herb for social reasons.

The bud does have some serious clouds that can cause non-smokers nearby to suffer lung irritation and coughing. Exposing such people and children could be very harsh and inappropriate.

Also, because the white fire strain contains more THC and less CBD, it may not be ideal for patients with some individual cases and disorders like epilepsy.

How long does the WIFI OG high last?

The high resulting from the White Fire OG strain is hard to reckon with quick delivery and longer duration. Some users have reported 3-hour highs with a pleasant, blissful feeling dominating the whole time.

Final thoughts on growing White Fire OG strain at home

If you are thinking about growing the WIFI weed strain at home, you will find different phenotypes of the same variety of the crop available for ordering online. The plants may appear different due to slight genetic variations, but they present the same properties. Just be sure to source your seeds and product from a clinic or seed company you can trust. This is to avoid wasting your money on poor quality seeds.

Also, note that every weed strain’s aroma and taste can vary slightly due to growing conditions. The latest strain has been refined over time to improve the taste and benefits of smoking it. Additionally, only the best growing techniques like the SOG or SCROG methods will ensure that your White Fire strain weed grows to a full potency and bountiful harvest.

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