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Hello and welcome to our XJ-13 Strain review. Today we get to look into one of the rare hybrids that are truly unique and full of wonder. The name only serves to add mystery to the strain that not many people understand but one that is an excellent healer and a widely recommended solution to life’s lowest moments. More on the effects and medical benefits of the xj13 weed strain, but first, why the scientific name, and where did this even come from? Plus, how to identify the fragrance and flavor of the XJ-13 Strain. Read on to discover the genesis and effects of the XJ-13 strain and what it is meant for. We also equip you with basic knowledge about growing the strain for personal and commercial purposes.

What is the XJ-13 Strain?

This bud is a clone-only strain, making it a unique and rare find used mostly for medicinal value. The strain is reportedly one of the most difficult to obtain as the seeds are a clone-only production.  It is achieved when a Jack Here and the lesser-known Uber Strain G-13 are crossed to produce a stimulating and energizing medical weed strain with an exceptionally long list of healing properties. The strain was specially engineered to combat chronic and debilitating illnesses and find recreational use outside of the medical marijuana scope.

Origin of the XJ-13 Strain

To add to the mystery of it all, the history of the XJ-13 Strain is still blurry despite the clear indication that its discovery was an intended outcome and not a lucky find. We say so because the seed is tough to come up with even for fully equipped geneticists, and therefore whoever invented this has to have had the intent to do so. They might not have known how important their discovery would have grown to be and the impact it has now made on the medical marijuana scene worldwide.

With its rich smell that entices and uplifts moods, the xj13 weed strain is the perfect bud to bake ahead of your day for a more energetic and fruitful day ahead. From the first contact with this particular bud, the marijuana professional will be able to foretell an exhilarating experience, unlike with any other variety.


This bud will provide a special kind of body-numbing high that also increases your productivity and motivation. Regardless of the levels of stress and pressure at the workplace, this bud is what veterans will use to get the most work done each day but with the same induced calm and a sense of reassurance that all will be well. This strain helps users remain focused and on the task at hand rather than provide the overload of ideas that can cause distraction from the responsibilities at the workplace.

Positivity is a good outcome of the xj13 weed strain. Regardless of any afflictions that the user might be undergoing, the bud will go a long way to produce and restore positive vibes and reassure that all will be well. Patients suffering debilitating conditions and chronic pain are the most likely to feel sidelined and at their lowest, lacking the will to recover and live well. This bud restores the confidence and determination to recover and move on with life in patients.

Best Uses

The social bud will be ideal for a jamming session with friends inspiring creative masterpieces and talkativeness on light not. XJ-13 Strain relaxes both the mind and body equally, making the user most at ease even in the most critical of all situations. So whether you want to be productive or not, it will be entirely up to you since you can channel your newly acquired energy somewhere else. The bud doubles as a bake to work strain and a kill time strain to relax and unwind on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you don’t have anything important going on. Effects are almost instantaneous and last for hours, which is the crucial reason patients love the XJ13 weed strain for their treatment. Every clinic that introduces this strain to their client base wants to stock up more of this since it is a favorite among many medical marijuana patients.

Appearance and flavors

The XJ-13 weed strain has this wild citrusy, fruity smell mixed with fresh pine cones’ odor. It fills the entire room with an enticing fragrance calling onto every stoner in the vicinity. The scent is also skunky, and non-users will certainly be repulsive as always. The pungency will linger on for longer, mainly when you burn the fresh bud from the farm.

The fragrance of the XJ-13 weed only introduces the unique creamy lemon-like taste that leaves veterans mouthwatering. You will find a plethora of undertones, including pine, citrus, and lemonade, on the exhale. The flavor is rich and addictive that it might draw users to keep smoking long past the dosage, which can be tricky because this baby also packs quite some punch.

Adverse reactions

xj13 weed, xj 13 weed strainThe consumption of XJ-13 can produce some uncomfortable side effects, such as a feeling of dehydration, complete with a dry mouth and possibly dry and itchy eyes. This strain can sometimes induce a mild headache in people, primarily if they are not used to this smoke’s potency.

People with susceptibility to paranoia and panic attacks may also be at risk of getting the same effect from this bud. THC reacts differently for different people; this is always a possibility.

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More XJ – 13 Adverse Reactions

XJ13 weed can make you feel slight bouts of paranoia too, which can vary in persistence, depending on your tolerance. This hybrid can also cause some minor dizzy spells; however, these are usually quite mild and don’t last for very long.

Its strong point in treating depression is its ability to lift all bad feelings, make users remember their happiest moments, and generally focus on happy thoughts. This means that the user can go about their business without wasting time on negative thoughts.

For sick persons and those recovering from a form of injury, loss, or other affliction, the bud can present excellent relief and motivate them to start each day with the vision of achieving great success in their recovery efforts. It works better than a cup of tea when it comes to boosting cognition and providing the energy to maneuver daily chores or work productively late into the night.

Growing the XJ-13 weed strain

XJ13 weed is yet another clone-only strain that has been quite elusive and on many growers’ wish list. It is quite challenging to grow and will challenge seasoned growers to achieve full potency at maturity. The strain is a sensitive grow in optimal pruning and trimming and selection of fertigation schedule.

This strain will require more attention than your average bud, but it can be one of the most rewarding grows with a bountiful harvest and a full package of mellow and healing effects. In-Depth knowledge of the essential indoor growing techniques will go a long way in ensuring that you can manage the crop to fruition and within profitable expenditure margins.

Indoor grows to produce about 18 ounces per square meter of growing space and about 21 ounces of good bud for every stem in outdoor growing. This is a generous harvest given the difficulty of growing and the bud’s value since it is rare.  The homegrown bud might be more fragrant when fresh and very rewarding for the grower.

Final thoughts on XJ-13

In summary, the xj13 weed bud is a special energizer with a solid body and mind boost and stable mental high that leaves you feeling energetic and happy at the same time. The strain can provide quick and sufficient relief from pain and do away with depression symptoms. It will generally place a permanent smile on the face and positive, happy thoughts on the brain.

A social bud, it will be one of the most talkative you have ever been with only positive filling the air. It is an ideal wake and bake strain and remains one of the most invigorating buds to smoke. The challenge remains in growing the bud with precision and hence fruitful harvest.

Have you or anyone you know handled the XJ-13 bud before? If so, please don’t hesitate to share what you thought of this bud for medical or recreational use as well as ease of cultivation. Your thoughts and comments, and corrections are much appreciated.

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